Channeling Madonna and the 80’s


Hello, I'm back!   Guess what I did during my month-long absence from blogging? Clue: Our office celebrated its 80th founding anniversary last week, where we had activities lined up for both employees and our stakeholders.  The most anticipated activity was of course the Employees's Night which took place last Friday (May 26) at the PICC.   The theme was the 80's, and ... READ MORE

Cath Kidston (finally) opens in Manila!


I may not be present at the opening of the first Cath Kidston store in Manila yesterday (k'se hindi naman ako invited, hehe!), but I made sure to check it out first thing today when it opens to the public.  I'm glad that AJ and I were there early; I was able to roam freely around the store and get a closer look at the merchandise (and take pictures too). Here's my #ootd ... READ MORE

All About You at EverydayMe.Com.Ph


I never thought I'll be a fan of e-zines (referring to small magazines and newsletters distributed online) until my cousin introduced me to the Flipboard app.  Since then, I've downloaded and bookmarked in both my mobile phone and laptop the following news magazines:  Rappler, BBC News and Time Magazine. Whereas my choices for news magazines are wide and varied, I find that ... READ MORE

Easter Sale!


There is an ongoing sale (and a BIG sale at that) at my site partners' online stores, and I am so tempted to buy, buy, buy even if I don't have an immediate need for them because, alam nyo na, sayang ang sale hehe! But I think these purchases can be justified as 'investments', particularly for my "travel essentials".  You see, AJ and I are seriously thinking of traveling to ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Idea: Arm Candies!


Who wouldn't fall in love with these stackable arm candies? I found them today at 168 Mall in Divisoria while looking for the perfect holiday gift to my office colleagues.  95% of them are female, so accessories are good choices as they'll sure need these to glam up their holiday looks! I thought of buying the same style I bought for myself some months ago (check out ... READ MORE

Ready for our Summer Escapade


This week is going to be an exciting one for AJ and me.  We're going to fly to Puerto Princesa in Palawan for a much deserved R&R.   We were finally able to get cheap airfare tickets from Cebu Pacific last February and we scheduled our trip in time for our 2nd wedding anniversary  =) The last time I was in Puerto Princesa was in 2006 (for work and leisure) and I had so ... READ MORE

Summer Heat Relief Efforts


I did a little shopping last weekend to help me combat the heat wave we're having right now: Although I always have my hair in a bun using big hair claws,  I still feel hot and uncomfortable. With the weather at 34-36 degrees Celsius everyday, the simple hair bun doesn't help anymore.  So I tried a mid-high hair bun using the hair claws and while that greatly helped in ... READ MORE

Shopping Galore at 168 Mall Divisoria


I love Divisoria!  This is my shopping mecca for clothes, housekeeping items, art and craft materials and everything in between.  Like other 168 Mall shoppers, I am drawn not only to the variety of commodities available and their wholesale prices but the place itself - it's clean, organized and air-conditioned, just like in a mall! What I enjoy most in shopping at 168 Mall ... READ MORE