Sunday Trip at Tagaytay (Part 1)

AJ and I were at Tagaytay City last Sunday to attend a birthday party (more on this in my future post).   While there, we took the opportunity to do some little sight-seeing and window shopping! We went to see the Taal Volcano (thank God, it's not acting up again) before heading up to the birthday party and AJ took this photo of me outside Starbucks' balcony area: The ... READ MORE

50 Ways of Saying “I Love You”

AJ and I attended the 50th or golden wedding anniversary celebration of my Tita Baby and Tito Eldie last Saturday in Paranaque.It was a very fun event and one that is filled with live music (a mix of Beatles (mostly!), Elvis and Bee Gees) and games!   I especially enjoyed their version of "Pinoy Henyo" - a word game popularized on "Eat ... READ MORE

Wedding Checklist…a rundown

My coordinator, Ms. Chillette of Kasal, Kasali Kami emailed me today to give the wedding checklist which will guide me in the last month (almost!) of our wedding preps.There are 2 sets of items that she wants me to check / update, which will be our guiding points when we meet around 2 weeks before the wedding.I find the list helpful so I'm posting them below to help the other ... READ MORE

Pictures from the W@W Christmas Party

This post is kinda late but I do want to share the pictures taken during the W@W Christmas Party AJ and I attended in November last year.I dunno if we will still be invited in the next Christmas Party because we would have been married by then, but I am glad just the same to have been part of this group's Christmas Party which was all but sponsored by wedding ... READ MORE