Summer Sale: Chanel-Inspired Pearl Drop Earrings


Regular readers of my blog would probably recognize this pair of pearl drop earrings that I own: Yes, they're the Chanel-inspired pearl drop earrings that I had custom-made about 5 years ago.  I forgot already when was the last time I've worn them. The earrings are made of 14k Philippine yellow gold, with 28-pieces diamond titos and freshwater pearls in creamy white ... READ MORE

Bespoke Monogram Pendant


Monogram pendants are popular nowadays not just because it's cool to wear something with your initial or initials on it, but because there's something special about wearing something that defines you. My partner jeweler and I were supposed to launch last year some monogram pendants as part of our catalog, but with other jewelry sellers offering more designs at more ... READ MORE

Blue Sapphire: A Gemstone of Love


From the Diamond-Jewelry-Pedia: "The "Celestial" Sapphire - symbol of the heavens, is said to guarantee good health, innocence, truth, and preserver of chastity. It is the birthstone of September and its name is derived from the Latin word "Sapphirus" meaning blue. This gem has been known since the ancient times. There was a belief that Earth is set on this gemstone, ... READ MORE

Maleficent’s Fire


The green fire of Maleficent inspired the creation of this jewelry setting using beautiful Biron emeralds (check out my first emerald jewelry feature HERE). The idea was to create a jewelry setting inspired by Maleficent (Angelina Jolie's version).  It has to display power, fierce, drama and flamboyance - Maleficent's defining characteristics.  Big Biron emeralds ... READ MORE

The Antique Rose-Cut Diamonds


With showbiz wedding proposals happening left and right (the latest was Isabel Oli getting engaged to John Prats  - watch their cool video here), I decided to feature today a unique diamond cut that has a lot of history in itself, and which I think any girl would love to receive on her engagement or wedding day: They're called rose-cut diamonds,  and are sometimes called ... READ MORE

Movies and Gemstones in my Mind


The recently concluded Star Magic Ball inspired me to collaborate with my Bulacan-based jeweler for the design and gemstone choices of these pretty and eye-catching earrings. And because it's a showbiz event which inspired the creation of these earrings, I decided to name each pair after the film which came to mind after I saw the actual pieces. Pretty in Baby Pink and ... READ MORE

A Royal Engagement Ring for Marian


Everyone's still talking about Marian Rivera's engagement ring - a Harry Winston emerald-cut diamond ring, no less! I'd say Dingdong Dantes couldn't have chosen a better ring for his queen, who now shares the distinction of having the same engagement ring design as the late Grace Kelly, an American actress and once Princess of Monaco. Grace Kelly's ring was from ... READ MORE

Mystic Biron Emeralds


My dream gemstone is actually not diamond but emerald.  One of my wishes is to own Colombian emeralds - the purest emeralds in the world - prized for their superb quality, color intensity and brilliance. Natural emeralds, which are green varieties of the beryl mineral stones, are very, very difficult to source now.  This scarcity has resulted in it being even more ... READ MORE