Introducing ‘The Kismet Shop’


My sister-in-law Juvvy and I share the love and interest for crystal bracelets.  It was something that we discovered about each other when I noticed her wearing one and then I showed her mine. Since then we been talking about crystal bracelets, and as luck would have it, we have a common friend who shares our love for crystals (and makes them herself too).  Juvvy lamented ... READ MORE

The Yellow Energy that is Citrine


We were at Greenhills last weekend, and I couldn't take my eyes off these high-quality, authentic citrine bracelets being sold at my favorite feng shui shop, Bensani Charms: I took photos of the bracelets using my phone (Lenovo K900) and I think I wasn't able to adjust the settings 'cos the citrine beads ended up in deep shade of golden yellow - almost like amber.  In ... READ MORE