Late Post: Shopping in Tokyo


My 5-part Tokyo travelogue is still getting the most number of visits and search hits in the blog (thank you!), and this made me realize that I left one more good stuff to share about that trip - the shopping and my shopping finds! First off, I didn't shop much.  I enjoyed the window shopping, though hehe!  In doing so, I was able to compare prices of the Uniqlo and Muji ... READ MORE

Food Post: Brown’s Gourmet Cafe


Celebration lunch at Brown's Gourmet Cafe. AJ and I were invited to try out selected food establishments at The Portal and The Hub, two (2) of newest dining/retail zones to open at Greenfield District. I've not checked out this place until last Saturday, so imagine my surprise when a saw a new city brimming with excitement and lots of potential! The Portal is a ... READ MORE

My Holiday Feast


Happy New Year, dear readers! I just reported back to work today (after taking a 2-week holiday vacation) and was relieved to find my In-tray to be still visible (meaning, it's not swamped with memos and other paperworks).  I had no problems getting my work groove back because I've rested well during my vacation, and I think a lot of people are still on holiday break so ... READ MORE

The Christmas Sweets Basket


I was full of high spirits yesterday after receiving wonderful feedbacks from Patty, Dahlia and Vee about the Christmas Sweets Baskets they won, courtesy of Eve's Sweets & Cakes. Then I realized that I haven't shown you yet what's inside the basket! I just opened mine this morning, and even I was surprised to find the goods overflowing!  So unlike the other gift ... READ MORE

Winners of the Peppermint Cookies Give Away!


Santa came early today to deliver the three (3) Christmas Sweets Baskets that The Bright Spot is giving away last week: Each specially curated Christmas Sweets Basket contains Eve’s Cakes & Sweets Christmas specials:  Peppermint Chocolate Cookies, Fruitcake and Butterscotch Blondies with Dried Mango Chips!  It retails for only P500.00 (very affordable; considering ... READ MORE

Peppermint Chocolate Cookies {and a Christmas Give Away!}


I'm so excited to share with you this first cookie collab (short for collaboration)  between The Bright Spot and Eirene of Eve's Cakes & Sweets which is just perfect for the season. If you love chocolates and peppermint, then you will surely love these Peppermint Chocolate Cookies that she made for The Bright Spot! I chose peppermint to go with chocolate, not nuts ... READ MORE

Chocolate Favorites


After writing about the Royce Nama Chocolate, I was inspired to create this collage with all the chocolates I currently love.   They're not much, to begin with, because I am not really what you call a Chocoholic.  But I love having chocolates once in a while, and always with a cup of strong black coffee  =) Here are my current favorites: Royce Nama Chocolate.  My ... READ MORE

Life is a box of Royce Nama Chocolate


We've had this box of Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait in our freezer since last Christmas (thanks, Mae Anne!) but we only got to open it tonight. Much has been about this luxurious chocolate from Japan, with its trademark velvety smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. And the chocolate?  Simply excellent.  It reminded me so much of the movie "Chocolat"; of Vianne's ... READ MORE