Channeling Madonna and the 80’s


Hello, I'm back!   Guess what I did during my month-long absence from blogging? Clue: Our office celebrated its 80th founding anniversary last week, where we had activities lined up for both employees and our stakeholders.  The most anticipated activity was of course the Employees's Night which took place last Friday (May 26) at the PICC.   The theme was the 80's, and ... READ MORE

Summer Sale: Chanel-Inspired Pearl Drop Earrings


Regular readers of my blog would probably recognize this pair of pearl drop earrings that I own: Yes, they're the Chanel-inspired pearl drop earrings that I had custom-made about 5 years ago.  I forgot already when was the last time I've worn them. The earrings are made of 14k Philippine yellow gold, with 28-pieces diamond titos and freshwater pearls in creamy white ... READ MORE

A Mid-Week Must Have: Coral Jewelry


A good friend of mine gifted me with these dark blue carved rose coral earrings and pendant set on my birthday last month: I love the wonderful pop of color here (even though it's in dark blue) and the simple but intricate-looking gold leaves setting. Together, they give a vintage flair to this flower jewelry. My favorite piece is the pendant.  The gold leaves are ... READ MORE

My Own Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings

I love customizing my jewelry.   I get my inspirations from celebrities and fashion magazines. Take these Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings that Kris Aquino was wearing during the eulogy she delivered for her mom in August last year: I remember being touched by her eulogy and cried alongside her, but I kept my eyes too on her earrings hehe. The CC-logo in Kris Aquino's ... READ MORE