Dealing with a Preschooler, Discovering a Local Favorite and Shopping Organic Goodies (all in one weekend!)


I was in Cebu last June to visit my family there and to spend quality time with my nephew Liam, who is now 5. What I thought would be a weekend of "catching up" activities with him turned out to be full of drama because we argued (a lot!) while playing games!  He is naturally competitive, and so am I!  Haha! We are still trying to resolve our 'little' conflict. I have ... READ MORE

Exploring Dumaguete, the DIY Way (Day 3)


Our 3rd (and final sightseeing day) in Dumaguete found us traveling to Cebu in the morning, and then exploring Dumaguete in the afternoon until evening. The reason for our side trip to Cebu was to fulfill AJ's wish to wish of seeing the butandings (whale sharks).  I've had my first encounter with these friendly whale sharks last year and told AJ about it.  He wanted to see ... READ MORE

‘Spicy Mexican Chicken’


This is what my 4-year-old nephew, "Chef Liam", called the dish he cooked for us last weekend, when I made a surprise visit to Cebu: He's into a lot of things these days, cooking included.  Nainggit ako sa cooking tools nya - complete set talaga!   My favorite part of our play time was the "Cooking Show with Liam", where I would play the "program host" while he is the ... READ MORE

Liam’s Blue World


My nephew Liam celebrated his 4th birthday 2 weeks ago and of course, his Ninang Tita (that's me!) took a leave from her work and flew to Cebu to be with him on his special day.  Like last year, we celebrated it at an out-of-town resort. I can't believe that this boy who, as an infant, always cried his lungs out during bath time is now learning how to make sisid and do a lot ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #6


It's been a while since I last wrote about food, and it's not because I have ran out of food discoveries to share.  I guess I got too comfortable instagramming my food and sharing it real time, instead of making an effort to write about it in the blog. And because I'm not creative at all when it comes to captioning my Instagram photos, I would leave out a lot of details that ... READ MORE

GIGA opens in Cebu!

photo 1

Good news to all GIGA fans in Cebu: no more waiting for your next trip to Manila to buy GIGA products, or for your friends to get them for you.  GIGA officially opened their first kiosk store at SM City Cebu last September! I first learned about GIGA through my sister-in-law, Juvvy of Mommy Juvs, who uses GIGA products on her and my nephew, Liam.  My family's personal ... READ MORE

Hotel Villa Rosa


It was my sis-in-law Juvvy who 'discovered' Hotel Villa Rosa, a beautiful mansion located in Alcoy, Cebu that functions as a boutique hotel. The municipality of Alcoy, Cebu is known for its numerous dive sites and proximity to the town of Oslob - the home of the famous whale sharks of Cebu (locally called butandings).  From Oslob, you can hire a boat to take you ... READ MORE

A Cebu Weekend Getaway


How I wish my weekends will always look like this: Waking up at the sight of a calm and peaceful ocean. Enjoying a morning dip at the pool. Swimming with whale sharks until lunch. Enjoying a laid back afternoon at a mansion that you can rent per day.   Non-stop snacking on local biscuits. Spending quality time with my family (especially ... READ MORE