The Yellow Energy that is Citrine


We were at Greenhills last weekend, and I couldn't take my eyes off these high-quality, authentic citrine bracelets being sold at my favorite feng shui shop, Bensani Charms: I took photos of the bracelets using my phone (Lenovo K900) and I think I wasn't able to adjust the settings 'cos the citrine beads ended up in deep shade of golden yellow - almost like amber.  In ... READ MORE

The Ultimate Diamond Tennis Bracelet


The last jewelry piece I will feature for this year is very special.  It is a diamond tennis bracelet set in 14k yellow/white gold and lined with 55 pieces of 0.07 pts. (or carat round) diamonds, all vs1 quality. Each gold link of the bracelet is shaped in vertical sexagon, and the diamond is secured by 14k white gold prongs. Why white, you may ask.  White gold ... READ MORE

Weekend Shopping + Food Trip


If you're following me at Instagram (I am @dbrightspot there), then you've probably observed how sipag I was in updating it since yesterday.  That's because I was able to visit my favorite shopping places this weekend and I went home very happy with my loot! This time around, I didn't buy much for myself.  I shopped mostly for Christmas gifts.  My goal is to finish 80% of ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Idea: Arm Candies!


Who wouldn't fall in love with these stackable arm candies? I found them today at 168 Mall in Divisoria while looking for the perfect holiday gift to my office colleagues.  95% of them are female, so accessories are good choices as they'll sure need these to glam up their holiday looks! I thought of buying the same style I bought for myself some months ago (check out ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Girls


Don't you love it when you see two or more items inside your gift box?  Not only do I find that extra thoughtful of the giver; I also appreciate the effort that goes with picking which items go together and making sure that the recipient will like everything. Last Christmas, I tried putting together some bath items and packed them as Christmas goodies for my office ... READ MORE

Arm Candies from 168 Mall


Whenever I'm at 168 Mall in Divisoria I always avoid the stalls selling accessories and arm trinkets because I know that I'll be tempted to buy and I don't just buy one, but two or three at the least!  You see, I love collecting bracelets (see my collection of bangles here) even though I sendom wear them.  I just love looking at them hehe! If you have seen my wish list at ... READ MORE

My Wish List at Zalora…


Today I was inspired to create a collage similar to Daphne's collages which she features regularly in her blog.  I always look forward to seeing the lovely items that she would put up together, and I don't know how she does it but they always look well curated.  So I hope she won't mind me doing something similar for my blog because I, too, loves creating picture ... READ MORE

The Treasured Effervescence Collection from Links of London

Effervescence Pearl Bracelet (£295.00).  A contemporary take on a traditional pearl bracelet, beautiful black and white freshwater pearls dance alongside iridescent sterling silver bubbles on this Effervescence Pearl Bracelet, creating a timeless jewellery piece. Wear with a striking single pearl ring for maximum impact.

Who wouldn't recognize the Effervescence collection from Links of London?  The Duchess of Cambridge made the Bubble Stiletto Earrings a must-have, always out-of-stock jewelry piece! Now that Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away, I thought of the Effervescence Collection because it is, to this day, the most treasured collection from Links of London, and isn't it the ... READ MORE