Launching of ‘Francesca: Isa, Dalawa, Sorpresa! (A Fabulous Celebration!)’


I was tickled pink by the invitation of mother Ellen to grace the launching of her and her friends's first book project, the bilingual children's book "Francesca: Isa, Dalawa, Sorpresa! (A Fabulous Celebration!)" last Saturday, June 10. The launching was held at the most appropriate place I could think of: at the furniture and bedding section of Pottery Barn Kids, Central ... READ MORE

The 2015 Year-End Survey


Thank you Aggie for tagging me!  I had fun (and lots of realizations) after filling out this survey.  Sobrang late ko nga lang natapos (2016 na!) but I think it's not too late to share this. ************************************* What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before? Swim with sea turtles at Apo Island in Dumaguete! Did you keep your new year’s ... READ MORE

Mad about Cath Kidston


Lovely things to brighten up any day of my week: Obvious lang na addict na ako sa Cath Kidston   =) My fervent wish right now is for someone to bring the Cath Kidston franchise here in Manila.  It remains a mystery to me why nobody is taking interest in the brand, considering that it already has a big following here in Manila. In the meantime, online shopping is ... READ MORE

Reviving my eBay Shop


The very successful auction of my Palawan pearl necklace at some weeks ago motivated me to revive my neglected eBay shop.  I used to be a very active eBay seller, and have sold a lot of my pre-loved books, shoes, bags, jewelry and even music CDs through this online marketplace.  In return, I was able to buy myself a Philip Stein watch and a pair of loose south sea ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #4


Only four (4) more days to go and it's Christmas!  I hope you are all done with your Christmas gift shopping! As for me, I'm done with the shopping and gift wrapping!  I'm actually just relaxing here at home since last Thursday - the start of my mandatory leave from the office.  I'll be back in January na (yey!). Since then, I've been cleaning every nook of our apartment, ... READ MORE

Book Launching of “Princess Lea”


Last Saturday, November 17, Dream Big Books launched Princess Lea at National Bookstore - Glorietta 1. Princess Lea, which tells the life story of Ms. Lea Salonga, is the 5th children's book created by Ms. Yvette Fernandez (writer) and Ms. Nicole Lim (illustrator).  All their books are about the inspiring lives of well-known Filipino personalities. Those who have ... READ MORE

Affordable Book Shopping at Booksale


I had so many things planned out today because it's a holiday (Eid al-Adha).  I wanted to officially start wrapping Christmas gifts (can't wait to use all those washi tapes I've collected these past months!) and prepare the stuff I'll bring to Cebu this Friday for my nephew's 3rd birthday but, while having my late breakfast this morning, I read about the strong earthquake that ... READ MORE

Holiday Book Gifts


They say that book gifts are difficult to give.  But I find that to be the opposite because all my friends love to read books!  I can't name one who does not. Even my inaanaks (godchildren) love to read books.  Almost all of them are in primary school now so I think books are something that they will find very useful, especially if they are educational or informational in ... READ MORE