AJ’s Cooking


Text and pictures by my Guest Writer: AJ the Hubby, the Baker (and now aspiring Chef too!) and the Gamer. ******************************************************** Over the past couple weeks I've taken a liking to cooking dinner. I once made a Creamy Lemon Garlic Chicken, which I initially paired with rice. I had a lot left over from that, so the next night I cooked a ... READ MORE

The Bobby and the Guard

guards saltpepper shaker CK

This isn't much of a blog post.  I stumbled across this salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of a British bobby and a guard, which I think is too cute not to share! Quirky British touch + vintage design + floral plate in the background.  Parang Cath Kidston noh? It's from Cath Kidston nga! Oh please be mine! ... READ MORE

On budgeting household expenses


How do you budget your household expenses?  I do it the very traditional way - through the "envelope system". Yes, these are the actual budget envelopes that I use.  They are made of recycled mail envelopes, prettified with craft papers and alphabet stamps I got from Divisoria last year. I used to have an old set of these envelopes, made also from recycled mail ... READ MORE

Waste Less: Disposing juice boxes and milk cartons


Now that the use of plastic is banned in Makati, we have ran out of plastic shopping bags to re-use as garbage bags.  We buy those plastic garbage bags available in groceries and even though the package says 'biodegradable', they're still plastics to me and not totally environment-safe. To maximize the 'cost' of using these grocery-bought garbage bags, I have been folding ... READ MORE

Product Review: Terro Ant Killer


I'm introducing something new at The Bright Spot this year, and that is a regular feature on the products that I've tested or used, and can swear by its effectiveness (or the lack of it). I've done product reviews in this blog years ago but they're not as detailed as I wanted them now to be.  Also, product reviews this time will have a label ("Product Review") in the post ... READ MORE

IKEA Frosta Stools


I have a long-standing crush on this IKEA Frosta Stool. I originally wanted these for our dining chairs. But I couldn't find any IKEA furniture at the malls, so we bought a 4-seater dining set at Mandaue Foam instead.   No regrets there.  I love its simple design and dark wood finish.  However, that did not stop me from lusting after these Frosta stools! Thankfully I ... READ MORE

Learning the Art of Calligraphy


I've been a fan of calligraphy since I was I kid.  I have this Speedball Textbook (20th Edition) that I bought with my own allowance which, sadly, I can no longer find (sob!). (Photo source here.) I also saved up for this Parker Calligraphy Set, bought when I was in high school, that I still have to this day. I wish I've kept some of my calligraphy 'doodles' ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Idea for Kids: Breakfast Bowl Bouquet


These pretty ceramic bowls 'bowled me' over when I saw them at the Landmark some weeks ago.  They're cute, sturdy, and very, very cheap at P25.00 each! Last Saturday, I worked on a gift idea using this bowl by arranging inside it the following: individually packed cereal, tetra pak milk, raisins, cookies and spoon and fork wrapped in a colorful napkin.  The result is a ... READ MORE