How to make Creamy Chicken Adobo with Nestle All-Purpose Cream


As promised, I’m sharing with you the recipe for the Creamy Chicken Adobo that Chef Rob Pengson taught us to make during the #CreateWithCream event last July 9, 2016. Read about the event’s sumptuous happenings HERE. Except for the chicken parts which were bought fresh from the market, most of the ingredients for the Creamy Chicken Adobo are already provided for by Nestle ... READ MORE

Nestle All-Purpose Cream Elevates Classic Recipes with #CreateWithCream


I have not been writing lately about food I’ve created in our kitchen, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped cooking altogether.  It’s just that I’ve limited my cooking to those I know by heart already (most of them have been featured in the blog) so I wouldn’t have to write down the ingredients or cooking steps again. One recipe that never disappoints regardless of the many ... READ MORE

Food Post: Rekados Cafe & Restorante


Cruising along Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Highway, you will find rows and rows of tarpaulin ads for Rekado Cafe and Restorante - the newest restaurant to open in Tagaytay.  The tarpaulins showed pictures of their select menu - which is a fusion of Filipino, Spanish and Italian dishes.  It was these tarpaulins that convinced me and AJ to take our lunch stop there, when we went to ... READ MORE

Gourmet Chicken Adobo


My birthday month is almost over and lest I forget, here's the Gourmet Chicken Adobo recipe that I promised to share when I wrote about our Asahi convection oven (thanks to all your wonderful comments, by the way!) I got this adobo recipe from the same cookbook where I found the recipe for Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Cream of Mushroom - the Assumption Cookbook (Pearl ... READ MORE

Batangas Adobo


Ever since I learned how to cook I've been trying to 'copy' my mom's Adobo recipe.   She hails from Batangas and her Batangas Adobo is very popular not only among us - her family - but also among her relatives and friends.  It has gained followers too from my office, too, because any left over Adobo we have, my dad turns into Adobo Sandwich, which I then bring to the office as ... READ MORE