Channeling Madonna and the 80’s


Hello, I'm back!   Guess what I did during my month-long absence from blogging? Clue: Our office celebrated its 80th founding anniversary last week, where we had activities lined up for both employees and our stakeholders.  The most anticipated activity was of course the Employees's Night which took place last Friday (May 26) at the PICC.   The theme was the 80's, and ... READ MORE

Tuesday Surprise!


A much awaited package for me arrived yesterday.  It's from Ms. Ellen (of The Pseudoshrink) and if you've been reading her blog you'll know that she's a Cath Kidston fan like me  =) Last June, Ms. Ellen, Diane (of Diane Wants to Write) and I "joined purses" together and ordered items from the Cath Kidston online sale, using Ms. Ellen's account.  It was Ms. Ellen who invited ... READ MORE

Mad about Cath Kidston


Lovely things to brighten up any day of my week: Obvious lang na addict na ako sa Cath Kidston   =) My fervent wish right now is for someone to bring the Cath Kidston franchise here in Manila.  It remains a mystery to me why nobody is taking interest in the brand, considering that it already has a big following here in Manila. In the meantime, online shopping is ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Girls


Don't you love it when you see two or more items inside your gift box?  Not only do I find that extra thoughtful of the giver; I also appreciate the effort that goes with picking which items go together and making sure that the recipient will like everything. Last Christmas, I tried putting together some bath items and packed them as Christmas goodies for my office ... READ MORE

Quiapo’s Best Kept Secret: Wellmanson’s

I first heard about Wellmanson's from an officemate who loves doing beads craft.   One day, she took me there and I was totally blown away with the many beaded items and jewelry materials / supplies available for sale.  It's virtually a mecca for all those who love accessories. Fast forward to 2011, I became a member of the Weddings at Work community and almost all ... READ MORE