The Good Stuff #3


Haven't done this in a while.  The past weeks have been full of random food and shopping discoveries, as you can very well see in my Instagram album.   And now that I can sit back and relax a bit from work (I survived the budgeting session, yey!), I can finally write about them. So here is it, the 3rd list of all the good stuff worth sharing with you all: Mini-Lego ... READ MORE

Weekend Shopping + Food Trip


If you're following me at Instagram (I am @dbrightspot there), then you've probably observed how sipag I was in updating it since yesterday.  That's because I was able to visit my favorite shopping places this weekend and I went home very happy with my loot! This time around, I didn't buy much for myself.  I shopped mostly for Christmas gifts.  My goal is to finish 80% of ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Idea: Arm Candies!


Who wouldn't fall in love with these stackable arm candies? I found them today at 168 Mall in Divisoria while looking for the perfect holiday gift to my office colleagues.  95% of them are female, so accessories are good choices as they'll sure need these to glam up their holiday looks! I thought of buying the same style I bought for myself some months ago (check out ... READ MORE

Crafty Give-Away Winner!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined my little give-away last week, which is all about the craft things that I love at the moment. And the WINNER who will receive everything above is Diane of Diane Wants to Write! I'm excited to see already the Christmas DIY projects that Diane will do with her nieces! Diane, please email me your shipping details so I can have ... READ MORE

A Crafty Give-Away!


Time for another give-away, yes! And because you all love the craft items I got from 168 Mall Divisoria (which, to this day, is still getting the most hit in my blog!), I rounded up a few items I have here at home, and came up with this nice lot that is sure to bring a happy face to one (1) winner: It has everything I love right now! And because it's not much, ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #2


It really delights me to know that most of you here share my love for food, washi tapes, DIY projects, travels and even jewelry!  That's why I wrote  "The Good Stuff"  last February.  It's meant to be a regular feature here in The Bright Spot, wherein you'll see my random food and shopping discoveries.   Or rather, those that I forgot to make detailed kwento about. So here ... READ MORE

Shopping Theraphy + Dim Sum Break


I noticed that my posts on Divisoria shopping, craft stamps and food are getting the most number of hits in my blog, so today's post is going to be all about that!   =) If you've been following me at Instagram (@dbrightspot), you'd know where I was last Saturday.  Yes, I was at my happy place again - 168 Mall haha!  I went with my cousin, Mae Anne, who's become my Divi ... READ MORE

Arm Candies from 168 Mall


Whenever I'm at 168 Mall in Divisoria I always avoid the stalls selling accessories and arm trinkets because I know that I'll be tempted to buy and I don't just buy one, but two or three at the least!  You see, I love collecting bracelets (see my collection of bangles here) even though I sendom wear them.  I just love looking at them hehe! If you have seen my wish list at ... READ MORE