Nice to Have: Cath Kidston Bags

My current fave at the moment are the colorful and playful Cath Kidston bags.Here are the two (2) bags that I hope to have soon:Bunch Flowers Day BagSpray Flowers Mini SaddleCath Kidston bags are not yet distributed locally, although the bag hag sells some of these at her Accessory Lab botique in Rockwell, Makati. ... READ MORE

Hotel Celeste

I will have my wedding preparations at Hotel Celeste in Makati.This quiant, little hotel is located in the former site of Mars Disco along Jupiter Street, Makati.   Honestly, I did not know that there's a hotel standing in there already until my friend told me about it.  We did an ocular of the hotel sometime in September last year and instantly ... READ MORE

Entourage Cards

I am sharing with you the Entourage Cards I made last year for my female entourage (secondary sponsors only, no bridesmaids). I made them out of different kinds of papers in the shades of pistachio green and ivory white.    I think they're cute even in their simplest form. The Entourage Card not only served as a "save-the-date" card for my secondary sponsors but also ... READ MORE

Earthquake Experience at the Office

I was working overtime earlier (as I always do every Monday since it's coding day for our car) when I felt a mild shake in my work area.  I was already alone in our area but good thing the adjacent office still has people in there.My first instinct was to observe the swaying of the building. I slowly walked towards a steel cabinet near me (about 10 steps from my ... READ MORE

The Hunt for our Bridal Registry

Scouting for a bridal registry proved to be fun for me and AJ.   We started looking for one this month and narrowed our choices into three:  (a) Rustan's, (b) SM and (c) Landmark.Our first stop was at Rustan's Makati.  We immediately registered for their "Weddings and Beyond" Program and have started going over the checklist they have provided ... READ MORE

Our Wedding Monogram

Our wedding monogram was inspired by something I stumbled upon in the internet.   I was looking for something unique and yet, reflective of our colors and the beauty of damask design.   Here's what I found:I liked how the "D" and "L" were combined.   I wish for us to have this same monogram since AJ and I's family ... READ MORE

Starting to Pack Up

In less than 3 months I'll be moving to a new home, after living with my parents for 33 years.   It's my first time to be living independently, although I will not be really alone as it's going to be a shared life with AJ (yihee!).   I am both excited and scared at the same time, since I was a pampered girl in the family who only knows how to wash ... READ MORE

Trial Make-up with Chichi Sotomil

Chichi Sotomil was referred to me by my good friend and one of my 'abay', Chel. Although we went to the same school back in college, we actually didn't meet until I had my trial make-up with her last August 2010. I opted to have a trial make-up with her first before booking her, even if I've seen her portfolio online and found all her previous brides on their best and ... READ MORE