Wedding Pictures from Von Lazaro

It's worth the wait! That's our reaction when we finally saw some of Von's pictures which we were able to download last weekend.  A CD full of his raw and edited shots will be picked up from his studio this week, but I am equally thrilled to share with you some of the pictures he has uploaded in advance: Our Rosary Wedding Cord by sis Eyzel. Our Wedding Bands from Matus ... READ MORE

Supplier’s Review: The Pergola

Next to the Church, the next stressful item on a bride-and-groom's wedding  list would be the venue. AJ and I were not spared from this either and I believe we actually spent more time looking for a venue than for the rest of our wedding suppliers.  That's because of the factors that play in the decision-making process - specifically the location, size and amenities it ... READ MORE

Wedding Pictures from Nat Lamano

I got the second batch of pictures from Nat Lamano, our photographer friend who rendered his services free for our wedding (thanks so much, Nat!).You saw the first batch of his pictures here, taken at Hotel Celeste.    He got an eye for detail, and while his are post-processed pictures, he did not go over-the-top.   You know I hate it when I see ... READ MORE

A Grand Sale of Post-Wedding Items

Last Saturday I went through our post-wedding stuff to see how I can organize and store them in the storage boxes we just bought. I found items which I think might benefit future brides out there and decided to post them in my eBay account.  I'm selling them cheap, so just bid, ladies, if you happen to be looking for any of these: 1.  Wilton Printable Tags I bought them on ... READ MORE

Surprises about Wedding Gifts

This post comes a little late.   I was supposed to blog about our wedding gifts but I totally forgot about it and now we're using most of them already hehe.Since, we did not specifically ask for monetary gifts, AJ and I received plenty of gifts.We had fun opening gifts (most of them in SM wedding wrappers in plain silver because our gift registry was from SM) and ... READ MORE

Our Church: St. John Bosco Parish

My younger brother got married at St. John Bosco Parish in Makati City last April 2009.   His was a solemn wedding and the church was really nice so I told AJ  that I want us to get married in that church too.  And oh, I just can't forget their altar: it was structurally impressive and really lights me up. Fast forward to 2010, the first wedding detail we booked was the ... READ MORE

Supplier’s Review: Hotel Celeste

Booking Hotel Celeste was one of the happy decisions we made during our wedding.   The booking process itself was stress-free (thanks to Ms. Macky, our reservations officer) and it was done online.  We got really good price with direct booking (it's much cheaper than booking through Agoda or any other online ticketing agency) and I got my dream room to boot!Look ... READ MORE

Our Wedding’s Main Attraction: The Photo Wall!

I've been bragging about our photo wall as early as March 2011 hehe.    This thing is the one I'm excited about, next to my gown.   I am both happy and proud to have people around me who loves me enough to help make this "wish list" or "nice-to-have" an actual masterpiece. The photo wall, as I've mentioned before, was a wedding gift from my sis-in-law, Juvvy.    She knew the ... READ MORE