#vonbride by Von Lazaro

It's been almost 2 years since I got married and I still continue to receive inquiries about my wedding gown.     Yes, my simple yet superstar wedding gown! No heavy beads.  No heavy fabric. No lace.  No flowers.   I kept the design simple and yet it made lasting impression to our guests and my blog readers!   By doing away with all the drama, my gown was able to ... READ MORE

We turned 1!

Today marks our 1st wedding anniversary. Can't believe it's been a year!  Time flies really fast when you're having a good time! We celebrated our special day by relaxing at Bellevue Hotel, where we also spent the night.  It was a much deserved staycation for us, too. Will post about our Bellevue experience soon, and we only have good words about their service and ... READ MORE

Mark and Jolina’s Shabby Chic + Vintage + Colorful Wedding

I've been waiting for their wedding pictures for weeks!   Knowing Jolina's colorful fashion accessories, I know that she will somehow channel her love of vibrant colors into her dream wedding. The result was a combination of shabby chic + vintage + colorful garden wedding held at Splendido Golf and Country Club.   Mango Red did a superb job in covering their wedding, their ... READ MORE

Supplier’s Review: Love in Bloom

3 months have already passed since AJ and I said "I do" and I'm still not done with my supplier reviews hehe.   Well, I am actually saving the best for last. If you've been following my blog, you'd know that we got Love in Bloom as our florist.  Well, entourage and bride's florist only because the flowers for the church were already included in the package we got. I would ... READ MORE

Featured Bride

I was so delighted to find my picture at Von Lazaro's re-designed blog today: This is actually my favorite picture of me wearing my lovely wedding gown, made by no less than Von's mom, Carmen Lazaro. Thanks Von for featuring me in your blog's banner   =)   I may not have turned out to be the "cover girl" for Carmen Lazaro Couture's website (I was secretly wishing for ... READ MORE

In Spotlight: Our Seat Plan

Wow!  I received a few queries today about our seat plan.  It seems that my sisters at Weddings at Work (or the famous W@W) liked and have adopted my idea of a seat plan and have sent their inquiries to Joy of the Monogram Hub. Their common question was:  Where did we print the seat plan? We had ours printed in a plain tarpaulin by our neighbor who has a small printing ... READ MORE

Supplier’s Review: Hizon’s Catering

Among all our suppliers, Hizon's Catering is probably the one which gave me all the emotions I would feel as a bride:  excitement, jitters, stress, relief and happiness! Let me tell you the reasons why: Excitement.   Hizon's is one of our non-negotiable suppliers and we have decided early on during our wedding preparations that we will no longer try other caterers.   ... READ MORE

Kate Moss’ Vintage-Themed Wedding

We're all so wrapped up with the William-Kate post-wedding activities, that the wedding of the other famous Kate - Kate Moss - to Jamie Hince last July 11, 2011 went un-noticed here in Manila. But how the hell could we have missed this very beautiful wedding, inspired by "The Great Gabsy" with a romantic countryside theme??   Just look at the beautiful pictures from Vogue ... READ MORE