Bag of Beans @ Twin Lakes, Tagaytay


I had a very challenging week at work, and what I wanted to do right now is to drive off to Tagaytay and hole up there until Sunday.  That is, if only I can drive (and I don't know how hehe)! AJ and I were actually there last weekend, and as I took my mind off work, my eyes opened up to this picture-perfect restaurant that we discovered while cruising the Tagaytay-Nasugbu ... READ MORE

A Look At Manila’s DreamPlay (by DreamWorks)


AJ and I had our pre-anniversary dinner at City of Dreams Manila last weekend, and we took this opportunity to check out DreamPlay, the world's first edutainment (education + entertainment) center that features interactive environment for both kids and adults, using the very latest digital technology. Look, there's Hiccup and Toothless! A lot of people were having ... READ MORE

Taal Vista Hotel


I've been reading lots of good feedback about Taal Vista Hotel, so to celebrate AJ's birthday last week, I booked us a weekend stay here. Thankfully, traffic was not so bad that Saturday morning.  We left Makati at 11 (without any breakfast!) and was at the hotel at exactly 1:30 p.m.  We were supposed to have lunch first at Josephine's before checking in at Taal Vista but ... READ MORE

Caleruega’s Retreat Center


Today being Good Friday, I want to look back at our visit to Caleruega in Tagaytay last year. Caleruega is a compound that houses the popular wedding destination, the Transfiguration Chapel, and the Caleruega Retreat Center.  Not everyone may know this but the administrators of Caleruega offer retreat packages for schools, couples and families.  Perfect for this Lenten ... READ MORE

An Opportunity of a Lifetime (Part 1)


Text and pictures by my Guest Writer: AJ the Hubby, the Baker and the Gamer. ******************************************************** How would you feel when your boss suddenly asks if you have a valid passport?  That could potentially mean travel, right?  After the sudden rush of knowing that a travel opportunity lies ahead, of course you’d wonder where to, how long, what ... READ MORE

A Sweet Life at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila


Who would have thought that the universe will conspire with AJ in giving me a grand and surprise birthday gift yesterday: a sumptuous buffet dinner + overnight stay at the Hyatt City of Dreams! You all know how much we enjoyed our stay there last Christmas (read all about that HERE), and while I know of the hubby's plan to celebrate my birthday there with a special dinner, I ... READ MORE

Christmas at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila


The hubby and I spent Christmas Eve at the newly-opened Hyatt City of Dreams Manila.  It's our first time to celebrate it away from home, but were at the same time excited and giddy over the new place that we are about to explore!  We adjusted our Christmas schedules for the 24th and the 25th to be able to make the most out of our stay at the new Hyatt.  After all, hindi mura ... READ MORE

Liam’s Blue World


My nephew Liam celebrated his 4th birthday 2 weeks ago and of course, his Ninang Tita (that's me!) took a leave from her work and flew to Cebu to be with him on his special day.  Like last year, we celebrated it at an out-of-town resort. I can't believe that this boy who, as an infant, always cried his lungs out during bath time is now learning how to make sisid and do a lot ... READ MORE