Dream Tomica x Hello Kitty Set 2016


After months of antagonizing wait, I finally got my hands on these limited edition Dream Tomica x Hello Kitty collection 2016! I ordered them from a Japanese online store (through Amazon.com) last February and had them shipped through Johnny Air.  Big big mistake there.  Will tell you the story in my next post as I don't wanna spoil my excitement here.  I believe this ... READ MORE

Imperial Porcelain’s Singing Garden


Sharing with you my latest tea cup find:  the beautiful Singing Garden design from Imperial Porcelain Russia.  I bought this set of tea cup, saucer and cake plate from an Instagram reseller: @londontrolley.  It was an unscheduled purchase; I was just browsing through her Instagram feed when I saw this set on sale! The Singing Garden is a beautiful design by the celebrated ... READ MORE

Jo Malone’s Herb Garden


I've always thought that Jo Malone perfumes are too expensive, too overpriced that I never showed any interest in it until that fateful Sunday two weeks ago when I caught a whiff of perfume coming from their Greenbelt 5 boutique. It was from their newest collection - the Herb Garden collection - and I was just curious to find out how herbs would smell as perfume/cologne.  So ... READ MORE

Valentine Teacup: Wedgwood’s Queen of Hearts


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to set the mood for this day of hearts than a nice cup of Rose Vanilla Tea in a Wedgwood Queen of Hearts teacup set: Whimsical and romantic, the Queen of Hearts collection features colourful, romantic heart motifs and lustrous gold banding. The collection in white, fine bone china brings a sense of ... READ MORE

Affordable Designer Teacups at Cristina Re

Classic White Polka Dots (photo source HERE)

Thanks to Instragram and its wonderful community of teacup collectors, I was led to this high teaware brand from Australia named after its founder: Cristina Re. Cristina Re is an Italian-born, Australian-based designer who built her now 15-year brand from weddings.  Yes, weddings!)  She is known as the original founder of DIY stationery concept, providing quality designer ... READ MORE

TVolution Stick: The “Magic Wand” to a Game-Changing Digital Experience


As a PLDT HOME user for more than 5 years now (it’s our broadband internet provider), you could say that my interest in this new innovation launched by PLDT HOME and global technology giant Microsoft is really more on the consumer’s side.  And when I learned that the new device will enable me to transform our HDMI-ready TV into a fully-functional PC – the more it piqued my ... READ MORE

Holiday Highlights {2015}


For the first time in many years, I started my Christmas preparations late.  As in really late.  If not for our week-long break due to the APEC summit held in Manila last November, I wouldn't be able to start wrapping gifts. Swamped with work and project deadlines, I skipped decorating our apartment for Christmas.  I thought I'll have to forego Christmas shopping as ... READ MORE

Best Selling Korean Products are now in Manila through NWorld!


Celebrities and beauty junkies swear by the instant effects of Korean beauty products.  I have been doing my research on them for a while now so when I heard that there’s finally a Philippine-based distributor for them, I grabbed the opportunity and bought a package immediately. However, I think I got more than what I bargained for.  I was just supposed to buy the products ... READ MORE