Baked Spaghetti

AJ and I love to cook pasta.   I do the sauce and he cooks the pasta.  That's always been our assignments, because I don't know how to cook a perfect al dente pasta hehe.  I am afraid of high heat in the gas stove and the first time I cooked pasta noodles, it was a disaster haha!   Half of the noodles did not cook properly and stuck together. But now with my Saladmaster ... READ MORE

Baked Barbeque Chicken

I used our Saladmaster Electric Skillet for this recipe and for the first time, AJ and I were able to make a barbeque dish where the meat was cooked well both inside and outside.   We actually bought a Neoflam grill pan last year specifically for grilled and barbeque dishes.    But we almost always end up with a half-done grilled dish because the inside part of the meat was ... READ MORE

Arroz Valenciana

This is a very flavorful (not to mention colorful) dish that can be eaten alone (read: no need for ulam or viand), or paired with other meat dishes.    I saw Kuya Rene do this when they cooked for us, and it is one of the dishes I immediately wanted to try when I got my Saladmaster cookware. I used my oil-core electric skillet for this and below is my "output" (*beams with ... READ MORE

Five Spice Pork Noodles

Got this recipe from the July 2011 issue of Yummy Magazine.   This particular issue was such a gem - I'm able to try 3 recipes already, all from this same magazine!     This one is my 4th, and I used my Saladmaster gourmet pan to make this (although the Wok Pan would be perfect for this). It's my first time to prepare an egg noodle dish and am glad this one's fairly easy to ... READ MORE

Steamed Fish Dory

We couldn't wait to use our Saladmaster cookware so AJ and I stopped at the grocery yesterday to buy the ingredients for our dinner that night.    We liked the steamed fish dory that we sampled at the Saladmaster dinner we booked for my godmother/aunt the night before, so we decided to make that. This no-fuss recipe is so easy to do and I calculated the cooking time to be ... READ MORE