Baked Creamy Mushroom Chicken


It's been a while since I shared a Saladmaster recipe.  In case you don't know yet, I partnered up with my sis-in-law Juvvy 2 years ago so we can buy a Saladmaster cooking set for ourselves.   The set was a very expensive one, but we managed to fit it into our budgets by splitting the items in the set, thus splitting the cost too.  We got 3 items each.  Since then, I've been ... READ MORE

The 3-Step Tomato Basil Pasta


This is probably the easiest pasta dish I've made so far.   I've read a  lot of  recipes for Tomato Basil Pasta but this is the only one that appealed to me because aside from using ingredients that are readily available in the grocery or your kitchen's pantry, there are only 3 steps to follow to make it!  And what's more, you'll be amazed at how close the taste of this pasta ... READ MORE

Pasta in Olive Oil and Spanish Sardines


This recipe was inspired by the Angel Hair Pasta with Spanish Sardines and Broccoli that my sis-in-law, Juvvy, prepared during my short stay in Cebu.  She paired it with Hungarian Sausages.    It was so good I promised myself I will make one home for AJ. And so, armed with a bottle of Spanish-style Sardines that was given to me as Christmas gift, plump tomatoes and basil ... READ MORE

Easy Bacon Pesto Pasta

My family and relatives love, love my bacon pesto pasta and they always ask me to make one whenever there's an occasion, or simply when they are craving for it. Did you know that it takes only two (2) ingredients to make my mean pesto sauce? And because I'm feeling happy today I'm gonna share my secret recipe with you.  There's nothing magic about it, really, and yet ... READ MORE

Hot Dog + Pork and Beans Medley

Our breakfast last Sunday: My dad first made this recipe and we used to have this as breakfast back when I was still single. So last Sunday, instead of making the usual hotdog and scrambled egg combo for breakfast, I pulled out a can of small pork and beans from the pantry to make my dad's exact recipe.    I used my Saladmaster 10-inch sauce pan for this. All you ... READ MORE

Roast Herbed Chicken

You'd be surprised at how simple it is to make this chicken dish and yet wow your family and friends with its superb flavors.    All you have to do is marinade a freshly-bought whole chicken with the herbs identified below, and then bake it.   Minimum effort, maximum impact. All you will need are: 1 whole chicken rock salt freshly ground black pepper fresh rosemary ... READ MORE

Hot Pot Sate Broth

We had some guests two (2) weeks ago, my Ninang (godmother) and cousin Ineng.   Since my mom has left-over frozen gyozas (Japanese dumplings), I decided to make a Hot Pot Sate Broth.   This is a shabu-shabu dish wherein you prepare the broth, set it in a really warm pot (much better if you have a camping burner so it'll simmer continuously) and the guests will add the uncooked ... READ MORE

How I turned a soup into a pasta

It was raining the whole of last week and the weather made me crave for a hot soup dish - the chicken macaroni soup, to be exact. So last Sunday, I excitedly cooked my first soup dish following this recipe (but I did away with some ingredients like the hotdogs and eggs) and then took out our soup bowls for the soup.  AJ and I were already drooling over a hot soup that would ... READ MORE