My Love Affair with South Sea Pearls

Unlike other 30-something ladies I know, I am not much into clothes.   I think I buy clothes only once in a semester.  My usual attire would consist of jeans (or capri pants), polo shirt  (usually from Lacoste or  Columbia Sportswear) and my ever-reliable Fit Flops.  They're my signature outfit if I'm not in my office uniform. My only weakness and the most likely thing I ... READ MORE

Supplier’s Review: Top Cakes (c/o Hizon’s)

We've always wanted a chocolate-colored cake for our wedding.    And since our wedding cake is packaged with Hizon's, I chose a design that is easy to replicate to make sure that it will come out nicely.Here's our inspiration for the cake:Instead of butterflies, we asked Hizon's to inform Top Cakes, their wedding cake supplier, to put in white flowers.We ... READ MORE

Tear-Drop Earrings for the Wedding

I am currently loving tear-drop earrings and I hope I can find one that will suit my wedding dress.Here are some I found online:From Adriana OrsiniKranichs' Peridot Tear-Drop Earrings (perfect for our pistachio green-chocolate brown motif)Bridal Earrings by Filippa ScottLegacy Tear-Drop EarringsWill try to hunt for my own earrings this weekend.   Granting I can't find ... READ MORE