Food Post: Chefs’ Quarter Petit Fillet Mignon

You just have to try this! Petit Fillet Mignon at Chefs' Quarter (Megamall Atrium) AJ and I almost always eat at Amici whenever we are at Megamall.  Last week we decided to change routine and try out the restaurant just beside it, Chefs' Quarter. At first, you will get an impression that all food in their menu are pricey.   Well, some are, and I almost dragged ... READ MORE

The Sandwich Guy’s Peanut Butter-Banana Sandwich

Have you tried a peanut butter banana sandwich?I was surprised to find one on my desk earlier after coming from a meeting.  Turned out one of my officemates is celebrating her birthday today (Happy Birthday, M!) and she treated the whole department with sandwiches from The Sandwich Guy.I got really curious with my sandwich and can't resist opening and trying it ... READ MORE

Food Trip

I love taking pictures of the food we order.   Back when I tried Blogger, I wrote mostly about food although I'm no food critic and doesn't even now how to cook.As I was organizing my food pictures today I came across these pictures that made me both happy and hungry:Japanese Omelet Rice at Jipan (Glorietta) - my comfort food.Seafood Pasta at Amici.  They ... READ MORE

Crepes & Cream’s Pistachio Ice Cream

I love pistachio ice cream.  That's why we chose pistachio as the shade to complement the chocolate brown motif for the wedding.This one is from Crepes & Cream which, for me, is better than Blue Bunny's because it has more pistachio nuts (I love nuts!) and is not too sweet.Unfortunately, our pistachio green shade is now beginning to look like apple green ... READ MORE

Food Post: Papa John’s Pizza

AJ and I were able to try the new Papa John's Pizza last week.   We were at Greenhills looking for some computer stuff when we saw this new pizza parlor just beside National Bookstore in Annapolis Street. The place, being new, is a crowd drawer.  You will immediately smell the pizzas being baked when you enter the door.   It's very inviting, I mean the pizza smell, so it's ... READ MORE

Trying Out Chicboy along Jupiter Street

My brother has been prodding us to try Chicboy with branches at Jupiter Street and in front of Makati City Hall (if you're from Makati). We went there today for our lunch and at around 11 am, the store is not packed with the weekend lunch crowd.   I guess this is the best time to have lunch there, as the place is always packed full (according to my brother). Food orders ... READ MORE

Shrimp Fried Dumplings for Dinner

This is what I had for dinner tonight:Sweet and Sour Shrimp Dumplings with Fried Rice at Luk YuenPeso Power:  P165.00This is so sulit (value for money!).   The crispiness of  the shrimp dumplings are just right and they taste so good, even without the sweet and sour sauce.This is a dish that easily turns into a comfort food because it is flavorful and ... READ MORE

Customized Chocolate from Sophia’s Chocolat

I read about Sophia's Chocolat from w@w.   All feedbacks about their chocolate products were good, so AJ and I got them to do customized chocolates which we will give to our guests as prizes.We initially wanted chocolate letters of "DL" like this (white for the "D" and brown for the "L"):But after inquiring from Ms. ... READ MORE