April showers bring May flowers


Sweet April showers. Do spring May flowers. - Thomas Tusser, 1557 I will forever remember May 2016 as the month where I celebrated a lot of milestones - at work mostly, but it's also my wedding anniversary month so I'm really overflowing with love and gratefulness! Let me share with you some of last month's highlights: A tour of the National Museum of the ... READ MORE

[A.T.] Happy Garden Cafe


Yesterday was one for the books: we survived an epic Saturday traffic that it felt like Friday all over again(!).  Travel time from Pasay City to Makati took an hour.  We made a short stop at Bel-Air Village (via Jupiter Street) for a delivery I have to make (thank you for supporting the Korean-made Nlighten products that I featured here, of which I am a distributor).  The plan ... READ MORE

All-Year Round ‘Cold Spell’ with Le Miel Cafe’s Bingsu


A longer, hotter Manila summer is forecast for this year due to the strong El Niño phenomenon, which means that we should gear up for more trips to the beach and lots of iced dessert! Do you have a favorite summer iced dessert?  Mine has always been Razon's halo-halo. That is, until I discovered Le Miel Cafe at The Hub, Greenfield District last year (see related post ... READ MORE

Holiday Highlights {2015}


For the first time in many years, I started my Christmas preparations late.  As in really late.  If not for our week-long break due to the APEC summit held in Manila last November, I wouldn't be able to start wrapping gifts. Swamped with work and project deadlines, I skipped decorating our apartment for Christmas.  I thought I'll have to forego Christmas shopping as ... READ MORE

Gingerbread Houses


A (Belated) Merry Christmas to y'all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration! The hubby and I spent Christmas Day at Hyatt City of Dreams, reliving our spectacular Christmas Eve stay there last year.  A lot of restaurants have opened since our last stay there (during my birthday early this year); giving us more food choices to explore and discover. As I am ... READ MORE

A Week-Long (Free) Vacation


Where and how did you spend your APEC week vacation? I spent mine mostly at home; taking the days off as opportunity to catch up on cleaning and to do the things that were forever in my to-do lists. It was not purely R&R though; I have to check my office email at least once a day to see if there are urgent matters to attend to, update reports and review our ... READ MORE

Feel-good favorites from Robinsons Selections


It has been said that the things that constitute one’s daily life are extensions of who they are, and the products they surround themselves with, a reflection of their personalities. These are what shape their moods and it is important that they always have these staples around, to keep them feeling good all the time. Despite being subjected to an ever-changing ... READ MORE

Christmas Candy Jars


It's gonna be October in a few days and I have not even started with my Christmas list yet!  But I have a good idea already of what to give as Christmas giveaways this year: glass jars filled with Christmas-themed candies.  I like the idea of giving something reusable and filled with sweet treats! How about these as inspirations? Here's another version of ... READ MORE