Launching of ‘Francesca: Isa, Dalawa, Sorpresa! (A Fabulous Celebration!)’


I was tickled pink by the invitation of mother Ellen to grace the launching of her and her friends's first book project, the bilingual children's book "Francesca: Isa, Dalawa, Sorpresa! (A Fabulous Celebration!)" last Saturday, June 10. The launching was held at the most appropriate place I could think of: at the furniture and bedding section of Pottery Barn Kids, Central ... READ MORE

Affordable Book Shopping at Booksale


I had so many things planned out today because it's a holiday (Eid al-Adha).  I wanted to officially start wrapping Christmas gifts (can't wait to use all those washi tapes I've collected these past months!) and prepare the stuff I'll bring to Cebu this Friday for my nephew's 3rd birthday but, while having my late breakfast this morning, I read about the strong earthquake that ... READ MORE

Holiday Book Gifts


They say that book gifts are difficult to give.  But I find that to be the opposite because all my friends love to read books!  I can't name one who does not. Even my inaanaks (godchildren) love to read books.  Almost all of them are in primary school now so I think books are something that they will find very useful, especially if they are educational or informational in ... READ MORE

Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Style


I am a big fan of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Couture and if only we're not living in the city where dust is everywhere, I'd most likely have painted all walls in our apartment white and buy distressed furniture for a complete shabby chic look. That aside, I love looking at and reading about her shabby chic inspirations which she documented well in her books - that's 7 ... READ MORE

The Manga Book of Judith


Look what I found today: Two-volume Manga books on the story of Judith - one of the prominent heroic characters in the Bible that's female.   I got them from this little bazaar selling prayer books at the office today for....(drum roll, please)....P25.00 a piece.   So these two books are just P50.00 (or just a little over a dollar).   Winner! You may not know this but ... READ MORE

Weekend Loots: Books and Saizen Items


Look what we've brought home from the weekend sale at Robinson's Place in Manila: Hardbound books from Booksale! Only P60 each (around $1.40 each)! Nikolai Grozni's Turtle Feet has long been in my book list and it was a pleasant surprise to find it among the many hardbound books on sale at Booksale.    And as I have been a big fan of Anita Diamant since I read The Red ... READ MORE

Book Trees

Do you love books?  How do you organize them at home? AJ and I each have a vast collection of books that we brought into our apartment.   Here are just some of mine (sorry for the bad photo, I took this using my fone): Since we have a modest-sized apartment for me, we decided to store most of the books for now, but left some for display.    We wanted our start-up home ... READ MORE

Book Review: An Amish Wedding

I have recently joined BookSneeze, which allows you to pick a book from their list, and will mail it to you - for free!   In exchange, you have to read and write a review about it.  Not bad, huh? I placed my request sometime last year and actually forgot about it, until I received a notice from the post office in December last year.   It was the book I requested from ... READ MORE