French Tote Prince Leather by Roots

Another must-have in my very long bag list:   Roots' French Tote Prince Leather. I love the bag's summery colors of turquoise, ocean blue and lemon yellow.  It features a main compartment with no top closure, enabling you to easily reach for your things inside.  What's more, it is reasonably priced at $188.00 CAD (around P8,000). Roots is known around the ... READ MORE

Fashionable Tote Bags

If money is no object (and if only I have plenty of those, hehe), I would have indulged myself with these carry-all or tote bags from Net-A-Porter: Anya Hindmarch's Emergency Kit Canvas Tote (I like the drawings!): Diane von Furstenberg's Drew textured-leather bucket tote: This Chloe Madeleine Leather tote bag is sharp and edgy at the same time:     And my ... READ MORE

F&V Satchel Bag

Last Wednesday was a happy one because I finally got the Cath Kidston bag I ordered at eBay. Then today, I got another package again!  This time from Frances of Topaz Horizon! I know I just have to get my own Frannie and Vinnie Satchel Bag (but I coined it the F&V Satchel Bag - parang H&M, D&G or P&G hehe!) because I'm now addicted to satchel bags. The ... READ MORE

Cath Kidston Spot Carry All Bag

I got a package today. It's one of the two bags I've been waiting for hehe.  The other one is the custom-made satchel bag, and this one is none other than my coveted Cath Kidston Spot Carry All Bag, bought at eBay! My bag came with this shopping bag... ...and this cute "Thank You" card from the seller.  Nice! The bag is just perfect for the ... READ MORE

School of Satchel (SOS)

It looks like I still can't get enough of my lust for satchel bags! I just saw this pretty and affordable satchel bag available thru online ordering at Heima: It's made by the School of Satchel (SOS).  How come I haven't heard of them before??    Now I can realize my dream of owning a Cambridge-like Satchel Bag without putting a big dent in my wallet. This 13" satchel / ... READ MORE

My Temporary Satchel Bag

I really have no patience when it comes to bags  =).  I've been lusting over a satchel bag these past weeks but I've yet to place my order for the handmade satchel bag from Ms. Frances of Topaz Horizon.So while that is in the works, I couldn't help but buy this Mulberry Alexa-inspired bag at Cash and Carry (priced real cheap):It's a good replica of a Mulberry Alexa ... READ MORE

In my Wish List: A Satchel Bag

I'm seriously liking satchel bags right now and would like to own one. But I can't decide between Schu's Cambridge Satchel Bag (especially the purple at the middle): Or Topshop's Medium Leather Satchel bag.  It's looks so soft and roomy ( I hope this is still being sold at their shops): Or Topaz Horizon's handmade leather satchel bag (this one's really cute and made in ... READ MORE