About Me

10 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I have a serious day job working as a technical assistant for a senior executive in one of the country’s top-earning GOCC.  My work is mainly about research, performance monitoring and policy formulation, but I also dip my hands into the day-to-day operations of our branch offices.   The perks of my job?  I get to travel around the Philippines!
  1. I thought I’m going to be an architect because I love to draw and Geometry is my favorite subject in high school.
  1. But I ended up taking courses related to Banking and Finance, and tortured myself with a course in Economics for my graduate school degree.
  1. I studied French because I want to read the “The Adventures of Asterix” in French.   It remains to be my favorite comic series to this day.
  1. I grew up listening to the Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Stone Roses, Blur, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and even Deep Purple.   Yes, I was a hippie in my past life haha!
  1. I am a big fan of Paolo Coelho (and almost cried when humors of his death spread around in the internet).
  1. I used to be very, very fat 10 years ago with a 32-inch waistline.  To lose all those flab, I stopped eating red meat and dinner after 6.  It worked!   But this “no red meat policy” was scrapped for good when I met and married AJ, who eats with gusto!
  1. I almost got a C- in conduct during my senior year in high school because the nuns caught me playing pusoy dos with my classmates.
  1. I do not wear skirts, except for work.
  1. I am known as Leah, Lei or Lai at work, Penpen at home and Ninang to Liam, my adorable nephew.

The Bright Spot is my creative outlet.   This is where I channel my ‘tamed’ passions after marriage:  food, travel, home and DIY projects and smart (as opposed to impulsive) shopping!   I keep my stories light and full of happy pictures.

I hope you all enjoy them!


x x x,