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Online Shopping at Human Nature

I love online shopping!  It's very convenient and is actually cheaper (even after factoring in the shipping cost) because you shop at the comfort of your home, away from the temptation of taking merienda or snacks at the mall, and from buying the things you don't really need. So when I learned about Human Nature's online shopping facility (click here to register), I ... READ MORE

Trying Out Human Nature Products

Human  Nature has been around for sometime but it's only recently that I got to try their products.   I see them at bazaars all the time but never got to check them out, really.   It's very rare that I find organic products with a very affordable price tag so I really get excited when I see a Human Nature booth.  But I get discouraged every time I see a crowd of people checking ... READ MORE



I love discovering and trying out natural/organic skin food products, especially locally made ones, because they really do wonders to my skin.  Some of them have become part in my skincare regimen like the soaps, tea tree oil and massage rub cream from GIGA, bee propolis products from Ilog Maria and the pocket hand sanitizers and hand soaps from Human Nature. Now, I'm happy ... READ MORE

Green Favorites

I just realized that most of the beauty + hygiene products I'm using right now are in GREEN!  Check these out: Listerine's Natural Green Tea Antiseptic Mouthwash.   For a change, this mouthwash won't burn your gums.    It has a very light and pleasant taste that will make you gargle a bit longer just to savor it. Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub.  I've been using ... READ MORE

A Surprise Delivery

My orders from Human Nature just last Tuesday arrived today!  That's fast! It came in this custom-made box with Human Nature's logo in the front panel (very recyclable!): Look what's inside! I immediately tried the Citronella Bug Spray and I now smell of lemon-scented citronella hehe!    The smell was kind of strong when I first put it, but after a minute it was ... READ MORE

1st Anniversary + Blog Giveaway!

351 blog posts... 80,000+ page views and... 30 followers (and still counting...) It's been an amazing year and I wish to thank everyone for reading my posts!   I can't believe that my 1-year old blog has registered more than 80,000 page views in just a year!   That makes me so happy! And because it's The Bright Spot's 1st birthday, I will be giving away Human Nature ... READ MORE

Current Favorites

Nivea's Happy Time Deodorant.   I love the orange scent and shower fresh feeling, not to mention the reliable protection I get all day long.   Vaseline's Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion.  I've been using Vaseline's Healthy White Lotion for the longest time.   My skin loves it and I love both its smell and milky texture (I hate sticky lotions).  Recently I bought the ... READ MORE

Holiday Book Gifts


They say that book gifts are difficult to give.  But I find that to be the opposite because all my friends love to read books!  I can't name one who does not. Even my inaanaks (godchildren) love to read books.  Almost all of them are in primary school now so I think books are something that they will find very useful, especially if they are educational or informational in ... READ MORE