Lomonosov “Bridesmaid / Baskets” Pattern Teapot

Just when I thought I have given my wallet a breather by not actively looking for teacups to buy, I saw a Lomonosov teapot being sold in a group selling site at Facebook.


I immediately recognized the design as the “Bridesmaid” (or “Baskets”) pattern that was first introduced in the ’70s, and combines the following trademark designs of Lomonosov: the fishnet (but in basket pattern), cobalt blue flowers with 22kt gold florets.


One thing I love about this teapot is the generous display of the pattern.  You will see the basket weaving and the flower details also at the spout, handle and lid as well.




Here’s the teapot with my other Lomonosov pieces.  You will recognize the Singing Garden teacup design from Imperial Porcelain Russia (which I have previously written about HERE).  The one on the left is Lomonosov Kizhi Cobalt Net porcelain mug and saucer.  Not in picture is my first Lomonosov piece, the Cobalt Net porcelain mug and saucer.


I love the over-all look of these mismatched designs from the same maker (Lomonosov and Imperial Porcelain Factory are from the same manufacturer).  The rich cobalt blue design and gold accents really stood out!

Are you also into collecting teacups (and teapots)?  I would love to see your collection!

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