Dream Tomica x My Melody (and a surprise giveaway!)

Just sharing with you the latest additions to my Dream Tomica cars featuring Sanrio characters:


I have almost all the Hello Kitty Tomica cars, including the highly collectible Dream Tomica x Hello Kitty 2016 set that I ordered from Japan.

The latest additions are the My Melody cars, including My Sweet Piano!

Do you still remember My Sweet Piano?  She is My Melody’s friend and they do a lot of activities together like picking flowers and having tea!


I got all 3 cars already, thanks to my office colleague who collects them too and does the online shopping for both of us.


More pics of the Dream Tomica x My Melody and My Sweet Piano cars below, taken with Lenovo Vibe Shot:







Soon to come to join the gang is the adorable pair, Little Twin Stars!  Sana September na!


Now, you know that I have extra Hello Kitty cars with me, right?  While waiting for my shipment from Japan I was gifted with some Tomica cars during my birthday and so I ended up having cars of the same designs (read about that here).

So I decided, why not share the joy (that these cute and collectible cars bring me) to my readers?

That’s right.  I’m hosting a (surprise) giveaway!  Or, to be precise about it, I’m giving away my 2 extra Dream Tomica x Hello Kitty cars that I ordered from Japan, yey!


The mechanics are simple:

  1. Like my facebook page The Bright Spot;
  2. Follow me on Instagram (@dbrightspot); and
  3. Leave a comment on this post by answering the question: “How long have you been reading The Bright Spot and what are your favorite features / blog posts?”

The giveaway is open now and will end on Friday, August 12.    Winner will be announced on Sunday, August 14.      This is open only to those residing in the Philippines.

Good luck!

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  1. says

    Alam mo kung kelan ko pa binabasa blog mo? Ever since bumili ka ng CK mugs from me (2011?). I have this [nasty] habit of googling my buyers. *Sorry* Anyhoooooo, I googled your name, found this blog, and learned you were newly married then, and if I remember it right, I gave you an extra mug as a wedding gift. Hahahaha! I have a soft spot for newlyweds and those getting married. Favorite post? Hmmmm…marami, but the one I like most is about the enamel pendants from EU.

  2. says

    I can’t remember the exact date when I stumbled on this blog but I was searching for Cath Kidston bag (3 yrs ago) then I found your blog. Though I haven’t tried ordering online, medyo scared ako na baka mawala so I was really happy na meron na Cath Kidston here though like you’ve said, mahal nga lang dito. I enjoy reading your Cath Kidston, food trip and staycation post. 🙂

  3. says

    How long have you been reading The Bright Spot and what are your favorite features / blog posts?”

    Okay my gauge was that Asahi convection oven you posted. Since then, I got hitched with your blog! Then this cute thing happened. Juvvy your sis-in-law emailed me about it. Since then we became online friends until we catched up when she visited Davao. I instantly love her! Very accommodating. She has a very good soul. It’s like ang tagal na naming magkakilala. I love your blog post about South Sea pearls too. I always refer to your post on that whenever I search for pearls. I lost kasi the pair my husband gave me. It is a heartbreaker tlaga! I cannot find that one anymore. Kaya everytime I want to look on some pearl earrings, I just refer to your blog posts on it. Hay! nkaka regret and nakakamiss that earrings of mine. And now that you’re into Cath Kidstons, which is also my thing, I always sneak and stalk your posts on it! nakaka happy lang talaga.

  4. says

    I got locked out of my Instagram account (again! XP ), so I’m ineligible to join your contest. 😮 But anyhow, I’d still like to comment on this post. 😉

    I chanced upon your blog through W@W: you were the one with the photo wall, the bridesmaids infinity dresses, and the fancy wedding cord (we have the same supplier 🙂 ). Early on, I enjoyed your posts on home decorating and organizing. And who doesn’t love your Cath Kidston posts! But my favorite would be your blog revamp posts, where you described your migration to WordPress.org and developments in blog design. 🙂

  5. Camille Quiambao says

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for about a year already. I first came across your blog when I was searching for Dumaguete travel tips in preparation for a family vacation. I love your travel posts 🙂

    instagram: camgavino

  6. says

    Started reading your blog late April of this year but finished reading all your entries in just 2 days. I love all your articles specially your food quest or cooking adventure with your hubby.. I also love reading your travel adventures and staycation as well. Keep it up and more power.

  7. dahlia says

    hi ms. leah.. i chance upon your blog when i was searching for divisoria finds way back 2012.. since then follower na ako.. every now and then i check upon your blog, you introduce me to cath kidston and i have the exact button spot like yours i have another one coming this month end and my officemate gifted me with a pouch also ayun na influence ko den cla kaya 4 of my officemate are cath kidston user na too (tehee).. i also like your post about cooking sana more post pa po nito easy lng kasi to follow.. keep it up mam.. godbless..

  8. mary ann says

    hello mam im searching for the LTS tomica then your blog appeared.. ask ko lang po where can i buy the lts tomica here in the philippines. thank u

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