Food Post: KyoChon Korean Fried Chicken

I have not been updated with the changing food scene in Manila, so when the hubby and I checked out KyoChon at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, my excitement level was not at all high.  After all, this isn’t the first time I’m having Korean fried chicken.  I’ve been to Bonchon and Holdak a number of times so what else could be new with this one?


Does this description in their paper placemat spells a difference?


There’s only one way to find out, and that is to try their fried chicken!

So we ordered the following: Medium-sized Original (Kyochon series) chicken wings, white rice and fried potato wedges.


I’ve always been partial to the soy garlic flavor of fried chicken, so I instantly liked the flavor of this one.  I would say that Kyochon’s version is better than Bonchon and Holdak’s and that maybe because they have a better sauce recipe.  But the cooking process is the same, thus your chicken is crispy crunchy outside but tender and juicy in the inside.

I also thought that the medium-size order, which comes with 10 pieces of chicken wings (and priced at Php290.00), would be enough for me and AJ.  But I was wrong ‘cos the wing drummettes were counted separately from the wingettes so in effect there were only 5 chicken wings for the 2 of us to share.  We ended up ordering another set of medium-sized Original chicken wings because kulang ang isang order sa amin.


The fried potato wedges (Php150.00) comes in big serving, and you wouldn’t feel really guilty eating all these ‘cos they were cooked in Canola Oil.


Overall, I liked the food at Kyochon but they are definitely more pricey than Bonchon and Holdak’s.  And there’s a good reason for it, as you will see below:


I don’t know if this makes Bonchon and Holdak the “less healthier” versions of Korean fried chicken, but since they are all fried food anyway, we must be conscious of that and try to eat everything in moderation    =)

Update: Apparently, it’s a toast between Bonchon and KyoChon for authentic Korean fried chicken as Holdak has already closed its only branch at SM Mezza Residences in Sta. Mesa.  Thanks Diane for the info!

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  1. says

    BonChon is a favorite. I hate to say this but they tend to lose the consistency of their double fried chicken. Some branches need a little improvement, it’s way different from the first BonChon I tried. I’m not sure if this is a common problem among franchised food chains.

    I tried KyoChon in Greenhills, imagining that this is the same seat taken by LeeMinHo hahahaha A bit expensive but better than BonChon. Although I would have preferred flavored rice.. carbs and fats overload naman hahahaha

    As for Holdak, nawala na ata sila 🙁 The branch in Sta.Mesa waley na

    • says

      Really? Sayang! Gusto ko pa naman yung Holdak. Last time I was there was middle of last year. I didn’t think they would close =(

      • says

        I tried their FB page, nabura na ata 🙁 Sa IG naman, their last post was 61 weeks ago 🙁 When I pass by the area (riding from the LRT) can’t anymore see their famous orange themed restaurant.

  2. says

    I don’t see how double frying would “perfectly” remove oil. Marami pa akong queries sa mga dubious statements nila. Dahil dyan, kakain ako sa kanila to find factual data and complete my scientific research. All for science, see?

  3. says

    I love Kyochon! We would travel 1 hour via Subway to Korean town here in Shanghai just to get our Kyochon fix. 1 hour via subway is kinda far na for me ha! Pero super worth it talaga. Super tasty kasi and di ko na nga iniisip kung healthy ba or hindi. Haha! Dito they dont have rice, basta chicken lang talaga so nagpapakabusog kami sa sandamakmak na manok. Haha! Bonchon’s gone downward spiral. Ibang iba na ang quality nila. Lalo na yung mga branches in the province.

  4. says

    Yum! Waiting for Kyochon to open in Rob Manila (along with Ippudo and Tim Ho Wan). Yung Holdak, closed na nga. Once lang ako nakakain doon at hindi pa nakakabalik, nalaman ko na lang pagdaan namin sarado na pala. Sad.

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