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I’m having some kind of Cath Kidston withdrawal.  Proof?  I haven’t been stalking their website for 3 weeks already haha!

It used to be that I check the Cath Kidston website every week, not exactly looking for something to buy but just to window shop. Big thanks to my Cath Kidston sisters – Mother E and Diane, I was able to build up my Cath Kidston collection that fast because we pool our orders together and buy when there’s a sale.

Lately it’s all about Tulisan.  If you didn’t know it yet, I am a big fan of Tulisan bags and accessories too (check out my Tulisan collection here, here and here).  I like to call this the Asian version of Cath Kidston because of their colorful illustration designs, not to mention the very roomy bags and functional travel accessories.  Oh, they have the cutest home and stationery products too!

The nice thing about Tulisan is that they come up with these limited edition illustration designs from time to time – mostly on themes about dreams, hope and love.  Because each illustration is detailed and spontaneous, you’ll think that there’s really some storytelling going on in your bag, note card, cushion cover or make-up kit!

Check out some of the illustration designs that Tulisan has launched in the past months; they are all so pretty and very original.  Really, somebody should bring this brand to Manila – I’m sure it’ll be a big hit!

Librarian Tote (Story: Love Letters of Roro Mendut)


Beach Bag (Story: The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung)


Principia Tote (Story: The Royal Clover)


Siesta Tote (Orange Tangerine)


Luna Tote (Smokey Night)


Portico Tote (Red Sangria)


I love, love their cushion covers and Giclée prints too.

Barn Owl from the Anima Series

JOU_150406_CUSHIONCOVER_2Fuchsia Fantasia


Giclee impression – The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung




Les Papillons de Victor




More about Tulisan at

To shop online, click HERE.

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  1. says

    Leah! I’m stalking their IG account for quite some time already… like everyday? hahahahaha I keep thinking about you. I want to tag you nga, kaso baka sabihin mo naman ang kulet at pa-pampam (papansin) ko na hahahaha

    This is another proof, we belong the same sisterhood. Hahahaha Aylavet!

    Do they ever have a sale? If not, pede naman tayo maging brand ambassador. Promise hindi din kami papilit at pakipot ni Mother E! ahahahahaha

    • says

      Tag away, Diane! Hehe!

      Hindi ko pa sila nakikitang mag-sale, ever. And yung mga recent designs nila (like yung parang deck of cards ang design), in limited pieces din binenta. Kaya collector’s item talaga. Ang galing ano? Hehe!

      Ba’t nga ba hindi pa tayo nai-invite ni Mother E maging brand ambassador haha! Kaso di ata ako pwede dyan, camera-shy ako hehehe!

      • says

        Kahit walang “talent free” papayag ako, promise! Hahahaha

        If you have plans of ordering ulit, sama mo ako ha 😉 Alam mo naman ako, kailangan pinipilit ahahahaha

  2. says

    Love the design! Each and every one of those bags. Can’t get over the name though. LOL!
    Kelan mo i-blog ang MG mo? Dish!!!

  3. says

    How do you buy them? I’m so scared of customs =(

    Ang ganda. Just checked the website and I love the toy boxes and journalist tote! Although I don’t need a journaist tote kasi I have a leather bag na for my laptop!!!

    • says

      I have a friend in Indonesia (Gee’s sister-in-law) who has given me Tulisan items as well (including a box of pretty stationery!). I was able to buy a bag through her too.

      If you’re interested, just send me a message. I can ask my brother (who works part-time in Jakarta) to buy the bag and other items you like =)

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