London Calling

Let me share with you this fondant cake I received from my Ninang Caro and her family last week (my birthday week), which AJ and I got to slice up only the other day.


Next to Hello Kitty, I am addicted to anything British.  From my music preferences (The Beatles, Brit Pop heroes like Oasis and Blur, and even The Verve) to movies (I love watching BBC films) to books (Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Helen Fielding, and Mark Haddon are some of my favorite British authors) to bags and accessories (Cath Kidston!) and celebrity icons (I’m a big fan of Duchess Catherine and Keira Knightley).

You will also find snippets of British “influences” at our apartment like this Union Jack storage chest we found at Greenhills and the throw pillow cases from ARQ Curtains.

So this birthday cake is really special.  I loved how Niko (Ninang Caro’s 2nd hijo) and Jade, his business partner and girlfriend, conceptualized my England-themed cake.  All the British icons are there – the Big Ben, the red London bus, Union Jack and the “Keep Calm” caption in a book (in case you didn’t know, the “Keep Calm and Carry On” line was from a British government poster printed in 1939, to prepare the British people for WWII (source)).  It’s London calling, indeed!





Inside this marshmallow fondant icing is a chocolate cake with caramel filling in the middle.  It’s good with coffee.  I had a hard time parting with the fondant icing (we ate the cake only) so I made sure to take these photos as souvenir of my England cake.

Thank you so much Ninang Caro and family!

Check out Sugar Tank, Niko and Jade’s online business page for more of their cake and dessert creations.

Oh, before I forget, Happy Hearts Day, everyone!

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