The Antique Rose-Cut Diamonds

With showbiz wedding proposals happening left and right (the latest was Isabel Oli getting engaged to John Prats  – watch their cool video here), I decided to feature today a unique diamond cut that has a lot of history in itself, and which I think any girl would love to receive on her engagement or wedding day:


They’re called rose-cut diamonds,  and are sometimes called the “Antwerpt rose” (because they’re mainly manufactured in Antwerp), “crowned rose”, “Dutch cut” or “Full Holland cut”.

You must be wondering, why Dutch and Holland?  Well, the Dutch references in the names reflect the fact that Holland was once the capital of the diamond-cutting world (source).

Rose-cut diamonds date back to the early 1500s and was very popular during the Victorian era.  These gems have flat bottoms and triangular facets that come to a point at the top – producing considerable brilliance, especially at night.


Although I have said before that brilliant-cut diamonds have the maximum brilliance and fire (check out my post here), there is nothing quite like the sparkle and dazzling effect of rose-cut diamonds.


Adding to the appeal of this kind of diamond is its uneven shape, assuring you that they are definitely mined from the grounds and are not synthetics.

Another feature of this gemstone is its transparency.  The facets of rose-cut diamonds are at the crown (or the dome).  As a result, light travels freely at the top (thus, the big brilyo effect you see when you look at it from the top).  Brilliant-cut diamonds, on the other hand, have internal facets (i.e., they are at the sides and bottom parts of the diamond) so the light travels and disperses inside.  The flashes of spectral colors—known as fire—are a function of this dispersion.



Because of its European history, and the fact that this used to be the choice for solitaire rings in the olden days, rose-cut diamonds have become strongly associated with antique jewelry.  I, on the other hand, find them relevant – even more beautiful – when set in modern jewelry design.  Just like this classic rositas design that you see above.

Rose-cut diamonds spell romance, chivalric love, adventure and truthfulness.  They reveal their imperfections to you because they have minimal light dispersion, allowing you to see past the reflective lights.

Now that’s what I call beautiful outside, and still beautiful inside.

The earrings and ring set above are made of 14k Philippine white gold and imported rose-cut diamonds.

For price inquiries, email me at

References:  Wikipedia, The Diamond Cuts and All About Gemstones.


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  1. Nye says

    I do like your jewellery. Please keep me posted with any future additions…especially any unusual necklets. Many thanks. NH.

  2. says

    I think the Filipino term for rose-cut diamond is “diamante”(raw diamond crudely polished) while the well-polished diamond is “brillante”. My mom has a 10-carat diamante pendant set in platinum. Just the same, how much is your set of ring and earrings.

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