The Travel Club’s Trade-In Sale


The Travel Club’s Trade-In Sale is on and will be having its last day tomorrow (Sunday)!

I’ve been looking forward to this sale since we have 3 bags here that AJ and I no longer use and at the same time, we wanted to buy another Healthy Back Bag for our travels.

With the Trade-In Sale, we can swap our used bags for new bags at really great discounts.

Note, though, that the discounts apply only to participating brands at The Travel Club.  Not all brands and not all items are discounted but still, ang dami pa ring good deals!

AJ and I brought 3 used bags at their store in Shangri-La Mall today, which were swapped to 3 new bags at discounted prices: a Healthy Bag Back (in light grey) which we got at 40% off, a High Sierra backpack at 60% off, and a Travelon anti-theft bag (in red) which was discounted at 15%.


Napaaga ang pasko namin, hehe!

Total damage to our wallets:  just a little over P4,000 for 3 bags originally worth P7,400++

Catch the last day of the Trade-In Sale tomorrow!  The details are in the poster above.  Happy bag hunting!


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