Things that occupy my mind lately

A lot of things have been occupying my mind lately, which left me feeling exhausted these past few days (hence the absence of blog updates).

First, there’s this wonderful proposal to partner up in a business that I am very much interested in – jewelry.  In fact, I already have a  business plan for it, ready to be discussed with my interested partner.  It will be an online business which will allow me to still blog but with a different purpose.

I also received a couple of inquiries about ad spaces for sale here in the blog.  Being clueless about this thing, I’ve started researching on how to calculate the advertising value of my blog.

Then there’s the Davao trip that me and AJ will take in June (purely for R&R), and for which I haven’t made a single booking yet.

There’s also this commissioned article I wrote for a magazine which had undergone 2 revisions already, and which I hope is already okay with the editor.

I’m not yet done with answering questionnaires for the Sunshine Blogger Awards that I got from Ann of The Adventures and Misadventures of Mrs. Panda and Helene of Mrs.MommyHolic!   Haaayz.  I promise I’ll get to that soon.

To top all these, there’s my impending work transfer that has made me rethink all my plans for the year.  It’s gonna be another adjustment phase for me, and I’m part-excited, part-scared about it.

The summer heat (and threatening El Niño) isn’t helping me either.  It made me very prone to migraine (and I can’t think straight when I’m having this) plus I’ve gained weight because I’ve been eating too much halo-halo!


Razon’s is my favorite, because of the macapuno and minatamis na saba which are what I love eating in a halo-halo anyway.

I’ve been eating lots of ice cream too.   So even though I’ve taken up jogging (and brisk walking) as my form of exercise, the summer heat  is making me crave for something ice cold and sweet afterwards.   During one of our “jogging dates” at the Fort, AJ and I chanced upon Luna Cafe and I honestly think I enjoyed this ice cream cup with knick knacks and curly tops more than the talked about Luna Brew specialty coffee.


Although these are just my temporary heat busters, I know that I can’t be eating them all the time.

I think that stress is doing this to me too.  So as much as I’d like to pursue other outlets that are aligned to my interests and passion, I also have to consider the demands of my new work assignment, and the challenges that it will bring.

I have decided to give up the jewelry business partnership – for now.  It will be unfair to my partner if I will not be able to give it the focus and direction that it will need from me.

Blogging will not take a backseat, but I will only take blogging projects that I can commit to finish.

As for our Davao trip next month – this one is definitely non-negotiable.   In fact, I am already looking forward to having this mid-year break!  Time to finalize those resort and hotel bookings that I’ve been putting off the past weeks.

Another thing that excites me about this trip is my plan to check out Davao pearls at the Aldevinco Shopping Center – Davao’s answer to Greenhills.

Speaking of Greenhills, I recently shopped at Berdori Jewelry and bought this pair of beautiful 10.2 mm south sea pearl earrings for my aunt who asked me to buy pearls for her.


Aren’t they lovely?   I haggled hard for these, and was successful at that hehe!

I hope you are having a happy Thursday, everyone!  


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  1. says

    How much is the pair? It’s lovely! I told myself to stop buying bags and shoes na (or at least fewer, hehehehe), and instead invest in jewellery.

  2. says

    Oh wow! I’m from Davao. I’d love to meet you here like I’ve met Juvvy here last December. I’m also the winner of your photobook giveaway. I’m always reading your blog about the pearls you I think is expert about because I’ve been longing to buy another one after the first pair I had which was gifted to me by hubby was misplaced. I hope it’s just misplaced and not lost. True that Aldevinco has a lot of pearls to offer but a bit hesitant that I might end up buying the genuine one. I though pawnshops are better alternative too. Looking forward to meeting you soon, Ms. Leah!

  3. Mymy says

    Hi, Leah! Davao’s a great place. Went last year and did not want to leave. If you’re looking into doing a tour of the city and the outskirts, I can recommend a great driver/tour guide. Email me. 😀

  4. says

    Hi Lea! I hope you are feeling better and relieved now. I’m happy for your new opportunities. Ang galing! Whatever it is, congratulations in advance. I will always be a proud supported of your growing blog.

    I can relate to the issue of work transfer. I’ve been in that situation a few times. There’s the fear, worries and the challenge to move out of my comfort zone.

    Have a great trip with AJ!

    PS and your haggling powers, i’m so inggit haha

  5. says

    Leah, I go mo na ang jewelry business! Kahit on your own. You know after your pearl collection post, I was inspired to wear my pearls. Instant ka-sosyal-an and confidence boost! Thanks to you! Kaya ituloy na ang jewelry business na yan!

    Are you transferring work to Makati? Makati girl na ako. Let’s meet up sometime para mabigay ko na ang keychains.

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