Ordering Cath Kidston Online + Johnny Air Service

I still can’t get over my excitement of finally owning Cath Kidston bags, which were purchased straight from their store in UK!


I’ll be honest here, and tell you that my experience was not entirely pleasant.  By that I mean it was not totally stress-free.  For a while I thought I have lost the bags but in the end, pinahaba lang pala ang suspense, hehe!

Here’s my story:

February 28:  I chanced upon an ongoing sale at the Cath Kidston website and saw 2 bags to my liking – both discounted at more than 30% each.  I snapped the bags, and in less than a minute, I received an order confirmation from Cath Kidston in my email.

ck_orders(Note: The Big Spot Large Zip Bag was originally priced at $50.00, while the Strawberry Weekend Bag was originally at $90.00, I think)

I used Johnny Air’s shipping services, instead of having the bags shipped directly to the Philippines, for convenience.  I read from Edelweiz’s review of Johnny Air services that it’s best to use their LA address (instead of the NY  address) as your delivery point to get rid of the sales tax.   I think it worked (more on this later).  The shipping fee from UK to LA was only $15.00.

March 4:  I received confirmation from Cath Kidston that the bags have been despatched (that’s the UK spelling for ‘dispatched’).  It will take 7-10 days for my order to get to the US.

March 12 (8 days after the dispatch):  I decided to email Cath Kidston to inquire about the status of the shipment.  I received a reply on the same day, informing me that my order was not sent out on a tracked service so they cannot check where it is.   I decided to wait out a little more before making my next move.

March 18 (14 days after the dispatch):  I was able to confirm from Johnny Air’s LA office that no package under my name has been received yet.

March 22 (18 days after the dispatch): I finally emailed Cath Kidston, informed them that I have not yet received my packaged, and asked for assistance. I received a reply from the Customer Service Advisor who has handled my concern since Day 1, Ms. Daniella C., and she explained to me that the parcel will have to be declared as being lost in transit since the total number of days (of delay) is already beyond their allowable period for shipment.  Because of this, I was asked to choose between: (a) full refund of my payment or (b) re-sending of the parcel after confirming the delivery address.

I opted for (a) to resolve the matter quickly.  I felt sad because I won’t be getting the bags, but I was also very pleased with the way my concern was handled by Ms. Daniella of Cath Kidston.   She’s very efficient kaya imbes na magalit ako, I admired her for being helpful and courteous in all her replies to me.

March 24:  My full refund of $114.67 was processed and credited to my credit card on the same day.  Grabe, this is customer service at its best!


March 29:  A day of surprise!  I received an email from Johnny Air informing me that my package is ready for pick up at their SM Megamall Branch.  Huwaat??  So hindi pala lost in transit?  Pano yan, naibalik na rin yung payment ko?   But before informing Ms. Daniella of this surprise turn of events, I decided to check out the package first to make sure that everything’s in order.

March 30:  I picked up the package at SM Megamall.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I saw this Cath Kidston print!  


From London, with love.


Total bill from Johnny Air:  P1,185.47.  That’s for a package that weighed 3 lbs.  I checked my invoice and no sales tax was added.  In short, I paid only the standard shipping rate of Johnny Air (computed at $5.99 x 3 lbs. or P1,058.46 at the conversion rate of $1 = P46.08), plus 12% VAT (P127.01).   I think it’s really cheap considering that there are 2 bags and they are both big.

And here they are, so pretty and so worth the looonnnng wait!  Coincidentally, I saw this book at National Bookstore about Cath Kidston’s inspiring beginning.   I’m excited to read it!


Here’s how to spot an authentic Cath Kidston bag: the logo patch should be very flat on the bag.  If it is crumpled or wrinkled, then it’s a fake.


I love the zipper pull of my Strawberry Weekend Bag!


I used the Strawberry Weekend Bag when I traveled to Laoag the following day (March 31).  I was able to fit in my clothes, extra shoes, toiletries kit, as well as some paper works and booklets.


The Big Spot Large Zip Bag is now my everyday work bag.


I happily informed Ms. Daniella last March 30 of the belated arrival of my bags, and she’s very happy with the news too!  She worked out the charging back of the cost (of my purchase) to my credit card, again on the same day!  What a big relief!  Now the bags that I’ve used right away are finally paid for, hehe!

I’ll never forget this experience, which has taught me to always use the tracked shipping option from hereon, for my own peace of mind too.

As for Johnny Air, I’ll definitely use it again in my next online purchase abroad.  I had not encountered problems in dealing with them, and their LA Office responded to my query in a prompt and courteous manner.

To shop Cath Kidston, visit https://www.cathkidston.com/

For more information about Johnny Air’s Retail Padala, check out http://johnnyairpadala.com/.


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  1. says

    Dati, when the only CK bag I own was something I bought from Ebay, I thought magkakatulad lang ang material ng fake and original CK bags kasi pare-pareho ang print, but when I bought from CK online last year and saw first-hand kung ano ang hitsura ng original, I realized that you can easily determine pala which is which. To be straight, the stitching of the original is not flawless, after all, this is not a Birkin we’re talking about, but it is still a mile better than the quality of a fake one. And the oilcloth totally different from the fake ones — merong smoothness and subtle sheen that make it look more “expensive” than the fakes.

    • says

      I agree with your observations, Ms. Ellen! I compared mine with the CK bag I bought at Greenhills years ago and the oilcloth of the original bag is really superior in look and feel.

  2. says

    Oooh! Been wanting to have a Cath Kidston bag. I was thinking if I should ask my sister to buy me one in their store in SG but I’m not sure if it’s cheaper that way or purchasing directly online.

    I saw two IG sellers of Cath Kidston where one of them is presently at UK so I guess the CK bags that she’s selling is original. The daybags/totebags are at Php 3500.

    • says

      I’ve made inquiries na with an IG seller selling authentic CK items (the one based in UK) pero namamahalan ako sa quotations nya. Like a small sling bag is P3,500 na sa kanya.

      • says

        Super late reply! Busy-busyhan to the point that my blog is quiet for 2 months! Yikes!

        I think we’re referring to the same seller 🙂 Though sa IG there are two authentic Cath Kidston reseller. Parang same lang sila ng pricing.

        Btw, I had a wonderful time in Palawan 😉 I want to go back and this time it will be for a week para kasama na din El Nido.

          • says

            Will work on my entries soon, have to upload the photos in Flickr 🙂
            I wish my husband was with me in Palawan but there’s always a next time 😉

      • says

        Hi I’m also a Cath Kidston lover as in grabe so I hate seeing fake Cath Kidston and now I’m selling original Cath Kidston bags direct from London and much cheaper than those in Cath Kidston store here.The crossbody bags that sold in mall at P3,599. I sell them at P2,900.only.I don’t use any other bags other than Cath Kidston.

  3. Annie Lorraine says

    Ganda ng bags!!! Natempt tuloy akong bumili na. I want din a weekend bag. Sana magsale din sa Sh. 🙂

    • says

      Buy ka na Annie! It’s still my dream to shop in a real Cath Kidston store so inggit pa rin ako sayo cos you can do that when in Sh! Hehe!

  4. says

    Thank you for the full documentation! Promise, binasa ko talaga ng mabuti 🙂 I plan on buying one but I’m torn with the shipping schemes. I’m quite reluctant with the services of the Post Office. If I will use Johnny Air, I’m worried about the surprising shipping fees. If I will use, Pobox.Ph.. ang tagal naman hahaha

    At least, the story ended well for you. Thank you for the tips 🙂 I might avail Johnny Air again.. hopefully when I have enough funds na 🙂

    Ang ganda ng red bag mo!! Type ko hihihi

  5. says

    Those are dainty bags, Leah! Laki pa ng discount na nakuha mo ha, galing! Good to know you had a pleasant experience with Johnny Air. Happy ending pa rin! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for linking my post here. Haha.

  6. Mai says

    Hi, i just want to ask kng paano po kayo umorder ng step by step.. 🙂 i reaally wanna have their wallets anf their onsale now.. As in 50% off 😀

    • says

      I just followed the instructions in the website, Mai. But pagdating sa shipping address, I typed Johnny Air’s office address in LA so that the package will be mailed directly thee =) I paid through credit card, by the way. But now they accept PayPal (which is more secure).

  7. Sasha says

    Hello! When it comes to shipping expenses, is it cheaper to have my item sent directly to my Phil address or have it go through Johnny Air? I checked CK website and it costs £20.00 to ship a £37.50 backpack straight to Phil. I was actually curious why did you chose Johnny Air. Is it really cheaper? :)))

    • says

      Hi Sasha! Another reason why I chose to ship the CK items through Johnny Air is to avoid the very high custom fees being charged by the postal office here in Manila….sort of cutting the red tape ba? I’ve had an experience before with the Pasay Post Office where I had to pay P3k in custom fees alone. Plus the inconvenience pa of waiting in the long line, etc. The first and last time I dealt with this post office, I waited 2 hours before the person in charge came, then another 1 hour before my name was called….sobrang hassle lang eh I’m working also.

      Since then na-trauma na ako pumunta sa post office hehe! So yes, Johnny Air is cheaper for me! =)

  8. Mon says

    I have the same experience but with a different ending. I ordered din from CK and had it delivered to JA’s LA office. Then 25 days later (max allowable delivery days), no package under my name has been received daw. I tried asking their local office kaso ang walang gana mag-reply ng sumasagot sa mga tanong ko. Hay, it’s as if my decision of trusting Johnny Air is wrong.

    • says

      I received that same reply from Johnny Air too – “no package under my name”. But nag-email naman sila sakin when the package was at their Megamall branch na. Try making one last follow-up with Johnny Air and if the package’s still not here, you can ask for refund from Cath Kidston.

  9. anna lisa panganiban says

    dear ms leah,

    hi ask ko lang po regarding johnny air cargo i like to purchase from ck uk kaya lang they are now imposing a 100usd bond. may alam po ba kayo about this?

    thank you po.

  10. anna lisa panganiban says

    thank you po for addressing my concerns. Naunsiyami tuloy ang dream ko dahil kay johnny air. thank you again.

  11. Kathy says

    Hi. Gusto ko po mag purchase ng ck bag thru their website then ck ask me for £20 fix price for the freight.. Gnun din po ba binayaran nio o iba pa po ung sa johnny air… Pls help po

  12. Roxanne says

    Hi, thanks for this post! I was able to buy the bag I like from Cath Kidston.
    I got it super fast! Ordered on Oct. 09 and picked up the package in JAC SM Megamall Oct. 24.

  13. Jackie says

    Hello. I’ve read the comments here po, does anyone know po which IG Shop sells Authentic Cath Kidston? I looked at the Cath Kidston website kase, and they are not on sale and they are not selling the backpack that I like so much anymore, said they’re out of stock. 🙁

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