Brighten up your day with Cath Kidston


Brighten Up print from Cath Kidston’s spring collection for 2014.  It celebrates the iconic British seaside town of Brighton, which I know mainly because I’ve read about its famous chain pier – the Brighton Palace Pier and Theater – from a travel guidebook on UK before. 

One of the earliest amusement centers constructed in the UK (it opened in 1823), it’s been said that it took 10 years to build the Brighton Pier into an amusement city by the pier – a totally unparalleled feat in the UK at that time.

No wonder there’s a carnival carousel in the print above.  That’s what I immediately noticed, and although I was never a big fan of carousels (I get dizzy riding in them, even as a kid), I like this particular illustration very much.  It looks like a vintage watercolor painting, and I really could stare at this for hours.

You will also see the Brighton Pier in the postcard graphic below.  Beach life and carnival nights must have defined a typical summertime at Brighton in the 19th century!


So pretty, aren’t they?

Wait ’til you read the inspirations behind the details, and all the more you will covet these prints.

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