A bad experience with JRS Express

I’m not supposed to write anything today but I couldn’t help sharing with you the disappointments I had with JRS Express.  Just this week, I had the misfortune of dealing with them for the 2 packages containing the items I ordered online.

The first package contains the 2 Lacoste shirts I ordered from an Instagram seller.  I’ve paid for these 2 weeks ago and up to now there’s no package and worse, I don’t know where it is. Their online tracking system is always down.  The branch nearest to our home cannot help me track the package either because they are still using the manual method (i.e. logbooks) and therefore has no record of parcels and packages still in transit.  The seller who sold me the shirts is having the same problems in tracking the shipment.  I have already left a message at JRS Express’ Facebook page and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this last resort will work na.

The second package contains the terra cota garlic roaster I ordered from Ms. Ellen, whom I’ve transacted with in the past (check out the Cath Kidston and Starbucks mugs I bought from her).  I paid for the item last Monday and then on Wednesday I received a call from JRS saying that they have made 2 attempts already to deliver the item at our home but nobody’s answering.  I found this weird because they have successfully delivered items at the same address before (with my dad receiving them for me), but since I was in a meeting at that time I agreed to pick it up at their branch instead.

AJ and I were able to pick up the package yesterday, but it was only this morning that I was able to open it.  I could not believe what I saw.


This is what I was supposed to receive:

The domed lid has no damage alright, but without the roasting plate, it’s useless.


I know Ms. Ellen and how meticulous she is in packing fragile items for shipment.  This one was packed with care, no doubt.  You can see that in the way each part of the garlic roaster was wrapped (with pink Japanese paper), then placed in a sturdy carton box with lots of crumpled paper inside to prevent shaking and breakage of the item during transit.

JRS Express knew that they’re delivering a fragile item, so they are expected to handle it with care.


Only a violent fall or throw could have broken the item this bad, and for this, I could not help but put the blame on JRS Express, the courier responsible for delivering it to me.   

I also noticed that the carton box and crumpled papers were damp, as if the whole thing was covered in water at some point during the transit.  Proof of this can also be found at the damped paper baking cups that I found inside the domed lid.  As I am writing this, the paper baking cups are still soft and stuck together.


I have relayed this unfortunate incident to Ms. Ellen, who said she will replace the item.  This made me all the more annoyed with JRS Express.  Imagine what this negligence is costing both Ms. Ellen (the seller) and me (the buyer)??

I have thought of reporting this incident to them but with their manual recording of everything, can they help me trace back where the damage may have happened?  Worse, they might just deny that they have mishandled the package (because there’s no proof of it) and this will just piss me off.  After all, my package came all the way from Dumaguete and there are lots of drop-off points in between.

I was once an active seller online (through eBay and Sulit.ph) and I have always subsidized the high price of courier services because I want to make sure that the items I have sold will reach the recipients in good condition.  Ms. Ellen is no different from me in this way, and to get this kind of result even with the expensive service fee that we pay is totally unacceptable.  I have had my share of bad courier services in the past and believe me, it can kill a business.

It’s about time that JRS Express, and other courier service companies for that matter, put value in this “third-party delivery service” concept.   They may think they are servicing ordinary clients only but what they do not know is that these are entrepreneurs with businesses to grow and nurture.

As for my other package (i.e. the Lacoste shirts), I’m not pinning my hopes on JRS Express anymore, but I think this is the first and the last time I’m dealing with Instagram sellers.


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  1. says

    I haven’t tried JRS but because of your experience, I might totally remove the company from my list. One thing I will never understand, how can they poorly perform in their core service? If I may ask, do they offer insurance for damaged items?

    Sorry to hear your experience.

  2. says

    I already told them kanina. Hay nakooooo…naipasa na ang blame sa airline. So disappointed. Since 2010, sa kanila na ako nagpapa-ship, pinaglalaban ko talaga sila sa detractors. Pero with the recent spate of negative feedback, ayoko na, suko na ako.

    • AJ says

      “naipasa na ang blame sa airline”

      It would sound like they no longer care about maintaining good reputation. And that could only mean they will not value good relationships too, which is a real bad thing for customers.

      Marami naman ibang shipping company – kung mas mahal, maybe you will get better service and value naman.

  3. says

    Your post showed on my Facebook feed, when I saw the title I thought to myself – “Been there. I totally agree with her.”

    For years, I have been using JRS to ship personal items/gifts and also for my online store until the same thing happened to us! The first time we let it go (and we got refunded for the damage only because my client contacted the JRS management and demanded for it!) but the second time it happened in a matter of weeks. I knew we had to switch. We are based in Cavite so we are able to use ERIM express – they transfer to LBC and Air21 for MM and provincial deliveries. So far so good – they even pick up our deliveries from our home. Happy that we made the switch!

  4. says

    WOW! You’re not the only one who’s been having courier problems. Last week it was me with LBC, and ironically, I recommended JRS (which is next to the LBC near my place) over them. Now, I’m not too sure I want to do that. This is a really unfortunate experience. It’s so hard to trust these couriers and forwarders!!!

    PS Sharing with you my post about nasty LBC, in case you wanna read it: http://mrspcuyugan.com/2014/02/this-is-why-customer-service-is-important.html/

  5. says

    Same which i e thing as mine….i’m expecting a package since naisent daw yun according sa online fb shop na naka transact ko last week dated april 4 wat date na now april 9 na,wen they said its say next day delivery siya..then i;m itrying to track the package but the according sa web nila invalid daw yung track number…according to there slogan leading courier sila? Hell no wala sila kwenta then wen i went to there branch in tagbilaran,,,,manual ang checking and worst kaw pa maghahanap…dapat magsara nalang sila pag ganyan….

  6. JOHN CORPUZ says

    i’m also experience this. until now wala parin yung binili kong shirt sa Cotabato at eto na nga nangyare wala parin sila actions…

  7. says

    same here….. online umorder aq ng damit and bags for my costumer … 2 weeks ago… last week dpt dumting n ung packege pero still wla pdin… pinunthn daw ng seller ang jrs at binalik ang package at sinabing hnd daw matrack ung add. nmin… which natra2ck nmn ng lbc….. so i told her na pick-up nlng….. ang sabi daw ng jrs mon. or tues. meron n pero kahpon pinunthn ko pero wla pdin daw….. and didnt even ask for tracking no. …. at tumalikod n…. wla man lng pakundangan sa costumer nila….. haist…… kaya nireport ko ulit sa seller and tinetxt daw nya jrs pero hnd ngrereply so kylangan ulit nya puntahn sa office…… ano b yn….. sana nmn maayos ng jrs service nila…. nkakainit ng ulit pati ung seller nadadamay…..

  8. Rashella says

    I absolutely know how disappointing JRS is! I’m actually having the same problem as you. My friend decided to get me a birthday present and used JRS to ship it to me, she mailed it at Monday and now it’s Friday yet there’s still no sign of it being delivered to me. Plus I can’t track them online! I really do prefer LBC and Xend over JRS!

  9. rose ann says

    ang panget ng services nyo sa baguio.ang binyran ng company namin is delivery pero ang nangyri aqo pa ang ngpick up sa branch nyo.mdmi beses na qo tumwag pero ang lgi cnsbi papunta na.12noon nung dumating ang delivery van sa branch.tpoz sa hapon pa gusto ideliver.ta2nungin pa kng gusto nba ideliver ng crew yung package na ide2liver d2 sa office nmin.ang gaan2 lng dpa maideliver kaagad.d nman gnun kalayu ang jrs session sa sm baguio.

  10. Nick Lorenzana says

    i have an experience din. yung package na pinadala ko sa girlfriend ko, hindi niya narecieve agad. then ang sabi nila is wala daw yung address number na ganun dun sa street ang weird kasi hindi ayun ung first time. tapos sinabi nila ipapadala nalang daw ulit nila. then nung nandun na sa house sinabi nung delivery boy sa nag recieve na “ANG TANGA NAMAN PO NG NAG PADALA NETO.”, which is fault naman talaga nila yun. then i reported sa JRS pero wala manlang sila nagawa.

  11. says

    I am planning to use JRS express in my new online venture but I am thinking not to ship fragile goods using them as my courier. Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience. I should be wary too.

  12. iamorshiela says

    Just yesterday I was really pissed with JRS. I came at their office at yung lalaki na dapat umasikaso skn ay busy at sabi pa skn ‘madami kaming tanggap’ so ano di nyo na ako aasikasuhin? tpos sbi ko isingit nlng saglit kasi hnhntay ng customer ko yung proof of shipment nya at ayun parang walang narining. Badtrip talaga sila ilang beses nko napadpad dun at never nko bblik. Go for Xend cheap, free pick up, working tracking system at may booking pa online. PS I’m pertaining to JRS Robinsons galleria branch.

  13. Jessa says

    I’m worried kasi nag order ako online. N.ship nung Monday and super kailangan ko sa Saturday. Baka matagal pa dumating or worst baka di na dumating. If dumating man xa after Saturday, it will totally be useless. 🙁 Sana nga Xend nlng. I highly recommend Xend. Dumadating on time ang items.

  14. Ren says

    I used JRS to ship my belongings from Manila to Davao a couple of times. First delivery, I included clothes, lots of soft stuff and two framed artworks: ALL FRAMES BROKEN. Second time, I shipped a very elegant wall clock together with a few bocks and lots of cushion for security: CLOCK BROKEN. The surprising thing is, all of those packages were packed inside large and sturdy tupperwares and the frames and wallclock were secured with thick styrofoams and newspapers. I can’t imagine how they managed to even break them even with all the secure packaging and the UBER BIIIG FRAGILE SIGN plastered infront of it. Pinang-volleyball siguro nila. Hay naku…

  15. angelica mae reolalas says

    and sana kapag madadaanan naman na yung place, ideliver na. kaya nga sabing online shop pgara sa mga hindi na makalabas.. so paano pa makukuha ng busy peraon na nagorder kung hindi din pala idedeliver asa bahay nila.

  16. Rhodz says

    I also had a bad experience with JRS. August 16, 2014 pinadala ko yung item(POCKET WIFI) para sa brother ko. But sad to say until now HINDI PA RIN NA RECEIVE ANG ITEM. Its been one week na! My GOD! makonsensya naman sana sila!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. dengdeng says

    omg. this is happening to me right now. very bad experience with JRS. and hoping it won’t get worse. i ordered online which is from gensan last sep-3, my expected delivery should be sep-5 or 6 according to my seller. but unfortunately, until now there is no package. nakakahiya sa seller ko kasi kinukulit ko na sya for follow ups and i almost thought na niloko nya lang ako. then he just told me that the reason why hindi raw madeliver ang package ko is because of “unknown address” and “no response from cp#” nagpapatawa ba sila? tapos ipickup ko na lang daw ang item sa branch nila in qc. at lalong nakakatawa dahil ung branch nila sa qc is only 10 mins away from my location! jusko nag-iinit talaga ang dugo ko. tinawagan ko yung qc branch at sabi ng naka-usap ko hindi daw ma-trace ung tracker ko, what the heck. para saan pa ang tracking number kung hindi ma-trace. then tumawag na lang daw ako ulit.

    i just hope makuha ko ang package, at pagkatapos hindi na ko uulit sa kanila. i promise!

    • rimzl liwanag says

      same tayo sis .. nag order din ako online couple watch tska vaseline lip therapy .. kinukulit ko din yung seller ko , noong august 11 pa na shift pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din .. 3 days na ako nag aantay ..

  18. Irene says

    If you’ll ask me, I could say that JRS is the safest courier I have encountered. The services probably vary from each branch. I am an online shopaholic and believe me that my damaged parcels already reached 10 within a year. Three broken items from Xend, two from Track and the rest from LBC. My worst and most recent experience actually came from LBC express. I have waited for 2 months for pre-ordered items so when I sent my copy of payment to the seller, I requested for bubble wraps or anything that will protect my package because I don’t want to receive cracked orders. My brother received the box for me. I already saw that the package looked like something heavy was placed on top of it despite having fragile stickers all over. Worse thing is when I opened the box, there was actually a hole on its side! The box will not be punctured like that have they understood what fragile means. They tried to cover-up by placing an lbc masking tape from outside so it won’t be obvious when you receive it. What a very wise idea! Right? There were 3 items inside and everything consists of glasses. My seller did her part by using bubble wraps plus 3 layers of newspaper plus larger bubble wraps. But the careless personnel succeeded on breaking 1 item inspite of all those protective barriers. And since this is not the 1st time I received a damaged box from LBC Cainta, I tried to file a complaint through their website. Twice. But the page just kept reloading. I even messaged them on twitter, not just once, to no avail. Pretty surw they just ignored me because other queries through twitter were answered. Honestly, I find LBC express really efficient about online tracking and quick delivery. But if being fast sacrifices integrity of products, then it’s useless.

  19. L says

    JRS Express is the worst courier ever! Their riders lie about not being able to deliver items to your doorstep all the time (because it saves them time and inconveniences you because you’re forced to go to their branch to pick it up), they are incredibly RUDE when you call them on it, and when you take the time to report it, complaint calls/emails go unanswered.

    JRS is trash, their employees are trash, and their customer service is trash. At least if Xend makes a mistake, they apologize/acknowledge your complaint and try to do something about it. JRS is crap from management to rider, and clearly they don’t care about their customers. When I called their head office to make a formal complaint, they turned me away and made me email instead (which they did not reply to).

    No doubt about it JRS is the worst, and ever since I received such poor service + no reply to my feedback (which I emailed to them TWICE), I’ve never bought from anyone that uses them ever again.

  20. JP says

    On a related note…. we ordered something online and were wary when 2GO failed to deliver as scheduled. They kept saying that they made a few attempts already etc. etc. [fishy because we were always at the office]. When they finally delivered the package at 5 pm (just as the office was about to close), we made the mistake of signing the note that says ‘… received package in good condition..’ without checking…only to find out, after opening the box, that the item was damaged. I guess it’s safe to be wary or expect the worst when (1) there’s a delay in the delivery, (2) they claim to have made a few delivery attempts, (3) your package is covered in tape, (4) they deliver when you’re on a rush, and (5) they make you sign a waiver [while telling you or appearing as if they’re in a hurry.

  21. chrstelle says

    So scared nabasa ko to. First time ko mg purchase online. And if this happen to me mag tantrums talaga ko sa dami inorder ko. And I will check the items first before ko i receive ang items. Kung good condition nga. Hopefully dumating na tomorrow as I expected. Lagot talaga sila saken pag my damage!

  22. Kaye says

    San ba pwede magreklamo? wala ba sila customer service hotline? MY God yung package ko nung Tue pa. Manila to Batangas lang delay pa?, nagagalit na mga customers ko. Tapos sobrang tataray pa ng mga staff, im looking forward to bring this in their higher management! Sobrang POOR ang customer service nila!

  23. cln says

    So far so good naman any services ng jrs saken laging on time at in good condition yung mga items every time I received them. Sa Philfox lang ako nagka problema when I received the blush ons I ordered online basag sya to think na naka bubble wrap pa yun. Anyway, sorry for your experience about their service Ms. Lea.

  24. Ange says

    Im an online seller, selling choker/ribbon necklaces. Im scared to use JRS again because of the feedbacks. Recently i tried calling JRS to inquire if pwede ba sa kanila magpadala ng necklaces na worth 20 pesos each lang. Its not fancy naman. They said no. Pero when i ordered naman online, thru JRS pinadala. Ang gulo naman nila. Haha. XEND kasi palaging delayed yung packages ko. What couriers do you recommend po? Tia.

  25. Keyah says

    Ay nako same experience ako sa JRS! Jan19 pa pinadala ng online seller yung order ko, Jan31 na ngayon wala pa! Tapos ang nakalagay sa online tracker nila nadeliver na daw last Jan22 to someone na hindi naman namin kilala. Very impossible na magkamali sila ng deliver, since naka-condo kami so sobrang daling hanapin ng unit number. At along EDSA lang, kaya sobrang accessible talaga. Nung nagcomplain yung seller ko sa branch na pinadalhan nya, ang sabi daw ay icheck ko sa mga katabing unit dahil baka dun idineliver kung wala ako sa bahay. THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! Mas maganda pa kung sa lobby nila iniwan kung walang tao, na sobrang imposible din kasi night shift lahat ng nakatira sa bahay kaya laging may tao sa araw. Nakakairita!

  26. patti says

    hi.my experience with JRS was so recent, that i think they really lost my Hard Drive. Regular na kami nagpapapick up from the office kaya its so impossible 1week na wala pa rin tapos pag tumawag sa phone pagpapasahan ka sa iba ibang branches at nagtuturuan. do you think you can file a legal suit against JRS? kasi that hard drive contains most of my work load and im so dissapointed na talaga.

  27. Sky says

    JRS is the worst courier service ever! Delayed shipment as always! Very poor tracking system! Dont do business with them if your aiming for efficiency! especially thos online sellers out there!

  28. Joanna de Guzman says

    Bakit hindi ko matrack yung binili ko online? Laging sinasabi na “couldn’t find origin” wth 🙁

    • says

      Sorry I cannot give feedback on their online tracking service. I was not able to use this at all, seeing that their branch near our place used logbooks to track shipments.

  29. loida casoyla says

    I also experience the over delay of there delivery..my supplier send d items last june 27 until now wala pa rin..tpos delivery binayaran pero ung jrs talibon branch d ngdedeliver..pls nman follow up nyo parcel q..
    Tr# 042473

  30. jeannep says

    Tumawag ako sa jrs silang crossing tagaytay ngaun para lng mgtnong ng padala kc ang sbi sa ofis khapon pa pinadala un at di na un problema ng company sa jrs dw ako mgtnong so tumawag ako at me boses ng babae ang ngsasalita na ang kulit2 dw na ibibigay nmn dw nila kung meron na at kung anu2 pang sinasbi bakit gnun maayos nmn tumawag sakanila at nkipag usap .. npaka rude ng pg uugali sa fone plang wat if sa personal client pa kaya !

  31. Jillian says

    OMG! I’ve just ordered something online to be ship by JRS Express…. now I’m nervous…. Should have just research about it before agreeing to ship through JRS instead of my standard LBC door to door…. T.T pero super appreciated ko po yung pag share ng karanasan niyo so that other people would be aware….

  32. Jen says

    Grabe! Nawawala na ata package ko! I REALLY go for LBC but since JRS courier ng seller okay na rin cguro.. Pero now hindi matrack tas wala pa rin.. Di ba gamit ng code branch para madali malaman san branch pinadala?? When I asked yung branch dito ng jrs d rin dw sure yung branch code to locate the branch!!! Nagtracking system pa kayo! Pati yung nagpadala sa kin sumugod na sa branch doon.. Lintek! Nagbabayad kami ng tama tas ganyan serbisyo nyo! Mali yung add nyo coz JRS, your courier is not even close to being the number 1 courier in the entire country! Kahighblood!!!!

  33. says

    napaka walang kwenta ng tracking system nila. hindi mo ma track whereabouts ng package mo.. kahit sa email di ang rereply ops nila. malamang di rin sila maka track… gumagana lang tracking nila once na received mo na yung package at nag reflect na sa system nila yung update. talo pa toh ng Abest at xend, fastrack etc… haaay. wala sinabi JRS sa LBC… basura JRS!

  34. Sapphi says

    I also had a misfortune with the LBC before but not like what happened to you.
    My first issue was that they said to my seller (Monday when it was given to JRS) that I will receive the package on Tues afternoon… I checked the tracking page, good thing it was working that time – saw that the item shipped is on-transit to me. Well I didn’t get it Tues afternoon.

    So I called, ang sabi ang cut-off time for delivery is already finished so the item will be delivered to the nearest branch. WOW. So I told them that I want the item to be delivered the following day in the afternoon, they said OK. Come WED afternoon around 2pm, the item hasn’t arrived yet. Called again and said what time will it arrive, again they said to wait for it. I finally got the item around 5pm.

    Then si seller said fragile (thank goodness he did bubble wrap the item and the box – (it was a figurine dated 1980s) – but delivery box just tossed it around like it was nothing. Sabi ko sa kanya – Kuya nakita mo ba na FRAGILE yan!? Yung item ko baka mabasag!!! … Sabi ni Kuya – naka bubble wrap naman miss. WOW just because it was in bubble wrap doesn’t mean it should be tossed or handled with NO care. Sabi ko sa kanya: Kuya regardless kung may pera ka to replace this, pag nasira yan wala nang replacement item kang mahahanap dito sa pinas. The item you are handling is FRAGILE, the item is even older than me.

    Pero the good thing, the item is still in good condition (thanks to the bubble wraps) pero the box it has 3 dents – ugh hindi na mint condition ang box pero at least safe yung figurine.

    Ngayon, I will be dealing with JRS again – this time chocolates yung i-dedeliver sa akin (sabi ni seller dapat nung friday ipapadala, this Sun lang nila kinuha sa kanya) tapos down pa ang kanilang tracking site (forever naglload lang)

    We’ll see kung ano nanaman ang excuse or ano ang magiging result nitong padala sa akin. Honestly mas ok pa ang ibang mga kalaban ni JRS. It’s time for them to fix their system/ppl/service.

    • says

      I hope the JRS management gets to read this. I agree; hindi dahil naka-bubblewrap eh pwede nang i-toss around. Basta nakalagay FRAGILE, then treat it as such.

  35. Anna Fajarito says

    I had my own share of disappointment with JRS. Their delivery man was rude and kept arguing about how my address is incorrect when I had no problem whatsoever with other couriers. I will never ever use JRS again, ever.

  36. Mac says

    Nakaka takot isipin but I recently purchaced some products online, they shipped it through JRS I was ordered and settled my payment last wednesday, on friday morning a representative on that online seller called me to confirmed all the order listed for them to ship my order on the same day, I was expecting it to arrived on monday so since its holyday so bukas would be the answer! Hope nandon na bukas and they handle it with case,,,huhuhuh!

  37. danica says

    ang waffle maker ko na binili sa olx, shipped thru jrs express, nakabubble wrap nga kaso pagdating nabasag ang ilalim na parts, 2 missing pieces ng plastic cover ng waffler maker. buti gumana pa, so disappointed. mahal na nga ang shippinh fee 300 + bubble wrap pa 37 then ganun lang nasira pa nila 🙁

  38. cristina says

    sana qng wala nmn pla clang branch sa guihulngan city..sna dna nila tinanggap ung pindala.. i told them na ipick up q nlang sa san carlos city which is mdjo mlapit2 sa amin,pero til now mag 3weks na dko pah nakuha..twag aq ng twag sa branch nila sa dumaguete sabi nila forward daw nila nong friday sa san carlos..hanggang ngaun wala pah..sbi mamaya daw pdala na nila..san ba pwedy magcomplain? does anyone knows the main #?

  39. Cherry Ann says

    bad experience ko is matagal ideliver,,, online buyer ako, may 14 pa naiDrop yung delivery, usually every 2days dto n smen yun pag jrs, pero hanggang ngayon wala pa…ang tagal!!! di ko rin maTrack using their website, ngayong araw lang… sabi nila delayed daw kase marami daw nagpapadeliver…

  40. Rhamz says

    Yong experience ko nag padala ako nang legal doc’s to davao city on june 22, 2016 nag tanong ako sa officer nila. Ilang araw makarating ang pinadala ko sa davao tapus sagot ng officer bukas po sir. kinabukasan nang hapun tinawagan ko ang pinadalan ko sa doc’s tapus wala raw dumatimating na legal doc’s sa kanila sabi sa sarili ko siguro na delayed lang siguro. on june 24 tumawag na naman ako kung dumating naba ang doc’s ang sagot naman ng company na pinadalan ko wala parin daw. sabi ko sa sarili ko naman siguro mamayang hapun kako ma deliver nayun. on june 25 tumawag naman ako sa pinadalan ko ang sagot sa akin wala parin daw. ehhh pumunta na ako sa office nila para mag reklamo tinanong ko yong officer ms follow-up ko yong pinadala ko bakit hindi dumating sa kanya importanti panaman yon dahil legal doc’s yung pinadala ko. Ang sagot naman nang officer nila. wala raw nag deliver sa davao dahil naka on leaved ang officer na mag dedeliver nila…bullshit…talaga..kayo kayo sa kalagayan ko accepted ba yon sa inyo? hindi napadala dahil sa rason on leaved ang officer nila? wala man lang silang re leaver para sa on leaved nilang tauhan.? Oh papayagan lang nila na matingga ang naka tambak na for delivery.,. sana masulusyonan ito nang admin nila para hindi na maulit sa iba.

  41. argie gallamos says

    Nag order ako online worth 7500+shipping pay 825. . .sabi ko sa seller kung San nila ipadala . sabi Jrs second time ko sa Jrs and OK young unang package pinadala sakin Pero malapit lang yun. Pero ngayun is manila to Cotabato pero payag padin ako. Dahil ka good yung first transaction. .pero sobrang disappointed ako June 15 pinadala pero until now July 8 na diko pa natanggap package ko …pabalik balik na ako sa Jrs pero walang matinong sagot Hindi rin nila ma locate San na yung package ..pati yung supplier ko pinuntahan na yung Jrs branch kung San sya nagpadala …and wala din daw matinong sagut sa kanya. . . nakakainis lang kasi nagaaral ako and yun part time business ko ….sobrang sayang at pagod para lang maka ipon tapus di pala matanggap. . .sana LBC nalang …wala pa ako problema sa LBC sobrang updated . .3days Cotabato manila. ….San ba pwede mag reklamo …email nila walang responce.

  42. blueuueue says

    omg, sayangggg, thank you for sharing your post pero nakakapanghinayang lng sa part mo, nagdadalawang isip ako if jrs gagamitin kong courier para sa aking bagong bukas na online shop, kasi sila pinakamalapit, pero dahil sa post mo here at mga comments, ayoko na mag jrs

  43. Ruru says

    Akala ko ako lang ang naganito… Mag wa 1week na parcel ko dipa dumadating… Chineck ko sa website… Andun nga pero dinamanma trace kung asan na ung parcel….. Jrs paki aus po serbisuo nyo dami nyong naaabalang negosyo….

  44. says

    That is sooo true. I had a bad experience with JRS too! Now i just feel like going all over media and tell what kind of service they offere! I will jus copy paste may email na lang kasi sa galit ko parang masisira na yung keyboard ng PC ko kaka type.

    To whom it may concern;

    I sent a package 3rd of November (that was Friday). I was told it was Next Day Delivery so i was happy that it meant Saturday my customer will receive her package. Monday (11/06) my customer said there was no package delivered to her address in (Jr.221 G. Reyes St. Leveriza Pasay City). I just told her that there might be some delay due to the holidays and package may piled up so her’s was still pending but i already called JRS Tabunok Talisay Cebu and spoke to their representative over the phone. He confirmed that on November 7 it will be for delivery. So my customer understood and waited and still nothing was delivered. She waited again until Friday ( November 10) unfortunately still nothing was delivered. GREAT job JRS! Next Day Delivery huh? She called the branch in Harrison to ask where is the package sent last 3rd of November for xxxxxxxxxx with No.2589/ BC 4158? To our horror surprise they do not have any information about it. I was very disappointed in your service. Please, before i loose my patience and go to the MEDIA and make your company known for your “more than 12 Days delivery service” Track and Deliver my package. Regardless of the amount of my package you have to do your job and deliver your promises with NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

    Grabe mga walang Kwenta!

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