Waste Less: Disposing juice boxes and milk cartons

Now that the use of plastic is banned in Makati, we have ran out of plastic shopping bags to re-use as garbage bags.  We buy those plastic garbage bags available in groceries and even though the package says ‘biodegradable’, they’re still plastics to me and not totally environment-safe.

To maximize the ‘cost’ of using these grocery-bought garbage bags, I have been folding juice boxes and milk cartons flat to take all the air out, thus making the most of the existing garbage ‘space’ of the bag.

Some of you may already be doing this, but I’d like to share it anyway for the benefit of those who haven’t thought about this yet.  If only all juice boxes, milk cartons and other tetra packs have the folding instructions printed somewhere in the box, then we will always be reminded of the proper way to dispose these.


Let’s do the folding process again, using this juice box that we’ve recently emptied.


Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


See the amount of space we have cleared just by folding the juice box flat?  That’s the space I saved in the plastic garbage bag which, if multiplied, will also save me from consuming another plastic bag  =)

Nothing’s too little an effort when it comes to saving our environment so even though this is just a simple initiative, it also helps reduce our use of plastic bags, thus reducing our carbon footprints.


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