Product Review: Asahi Convection Oven

If I will be asked to name a kitchen appliance that newly-wed couples should immediately invest in, it’s the convection oven.  We belatedly bought ours in August last year and right now, we use it more than we use our microwave oven and gas stove.  There’s just so much you can do with a convection oven and so much flexibility as compared to, say, microwave oven or oven toaster.

That is not to say though that microwave ovens and gas stoves are not worth buying.  I still am using ours to cook and reheat cooked food.  But the convection oven has given us more mileage in terms of the cooking methods that we can do like baking, broiling, toasting and roasting, to name a few.

In buying our convection oven, we relied more on the brand and its aesthetics than its added features.  I know you will find that odd because here we are, excited to do so many baking and yet we bought only the basic model.  For me kasi, as long as it satisfies our requirements, I’m good.  If there are additional features that comes with it for free or at very minimal cost then good but if they’re gonna cost us more, wag na lang hehe!

When we were shopping for our convection oven, my instinct told me to get only the basic model but would allow us to do what we could not do with our microwave oven and even our Saladmaster cookware.   The Asahi oven instantly fit the bill, but we also looked at the other brands and ended up choosing between Asahi (the very basic model) and American Home (which came with more adjustment buttons and parts like additional tray and grill but at a higher price).

In the end, it was Asahi’s easy-to-use selectors, simple design and price point that won us over.  The model number is OT-2311, and don’t get confused if it reads “oven toaster” in the manual.  This is really a convection oven (others call it electric oven or Convection Toaster Oven).


We bought it at the SM Appliance Store in Makati for a little over P2,500.00.  This was the cheapest that we found then.

I like the box-shaped structure of this convection oven, making it look very spacious (and it really is!) and also easy to wipe clean.


Below is the fan that circulates the heat around the oven.  There’s no need to adjust this when you’re baking or broiling.  It’s programmed according to the cooking method you’re going to use.  If it’s baking, it goes on and off at time intervals.  If it’s in broiling mode, it’s constantly on.


The heating rods, on the other hand, automatically adjust with the heat. You’ll know that your oven is really hot na when the rods turn bright orange, and once it reaches the desired heat temperature, the color will slowly go back to blackish grey (its original color).  The fan will keep distributing the heat inside the oven and the heated walls will keep the temperature inside constant.

The crumb tray.  This is a must for me.  I like the convenience of just pulling it off and then dusting off the crumbs.  I’m very OC with crumbs.  I don’t like seeing them cos they attract ants!


There are only 3 selectors in this oven that you have to be familiar with: the thermostat (in Celsius), heater (the dotted lines refer to the heating rods while the asterisk refer to the fan) and the timer.  Easy to learn and navigate with.


The convection oven has a transparent window glass, so you can clearly see (and take clear photos of) the food being cooked or baked inside, like the chocolate cookies above that we baked a few weeks ago.

If you’re wondering what else comes with this convection oven, here they are:

  • 1 Tray (not in photo)
  • 1 Grill Tray (we need more of this)
  • Tray Holder (we prefer using oven mitts over this one)
  • Rotisserie Holder and Rod (not yet used)

Below are just some of the culinary successes we have had with our 5-months old Asahi convection oven:

Chocolate Banana Cake (featured August 2013, recipe from Joy of Baking)


Our Jackpot Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache (featured September 2013, recipe here)

Baked Yogurt Parmesan Chicken (featured October 2013, recipe here)

Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies (featured November 2013, recipe here)

Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Cream of Mushroom (featured December 2013, recipe here)

Dark Chocolate Cake with Coffee Cream Filling and Dark Chocolate Ganache (featured December 2013, recipe here)

February 2014 feature….Gourmet Chicken Adobo (recipe soon! – UPDATE:  recipe here!)


So far we are very, very satisfied with our Asahi convection oven.  If only the grill trays can be sold separately and we can buy some more, perfect na perfect na sana.  You see, with only 1 grill tray in the package, we can make a batch of cookies or a layer of cake at a time lang.  Imagine if we can bake 3 trays of cookies at a time (this is the maximum number of trays you can put in the oven), then pwede na k’me magbenta, hihi!  

As for the accuracy of the heating temperature, we have so far followed all recipes to the dot and the results have been outstanding.  But this being a convection oven and therefore not as powerful as the big kitchen ovens you see in restaurants, expect extended cooking or baking time.  This was the only cooking adjustment we made and it’s very minimal I don’t think it will inconvenience you either.

Gosh, writing this post suddenly made me hungry hehe!  I hope I have satisfied all your queries, dear readers!  Sorry it took me a while to write all these down.  I wanted you to see the results as well, so I waited until December for that ultimate oven test:  to successfully bake a whole chicken!

And our Asahi convection oven passed that test – with flying colors!  So did our recipe, hehe!  It made me really happy to read feedback from readers who tried the recipe and enjoyed it with their families and friends  =)

More oven recipes to come, so stay tuned!

(Disclaimer:  this is not a sponsored post.)

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  1. says

    May mas mura pa pala sa Imarflex na convection oven! Winner itong Asahi! I’m contemplating on buying a convection oven instead of a microwave oven. This one fits the bill! Thanks Leah!

  2. says

    Hi Ms. Leah! I still haven’t bought my convection oven. But now you convinced me too well. I’m excited to share to Ms. Juvy about this as soon as I get my oven na

  3. says

    Wow, this is way cheaper than the one we were eyeing in the appliance store. Nasa 4k to 5k range yun, brand is Imarflex naman. Dito na ako, and since you have already “kitchen-tested” it, I’m more convinced! 🙂

  4. Dash says

    Thanks so much for sharing, I was really looking for convection ovens na cheaper pero maganda ang performance. Must look for one on the weekend. 🙂

  5. dahlia says

    hi ms. Leah, thank you for sharing this, been following your blog specially the recipe post,
    sana wag ka magsawa mag post ng recipes, khit experimental ung iba im one avid follower.. ^_^
    can i ask if your recipe “korean spicy wings” pwede den i-baked sa asahi convection oven?
    nde ko po kc afford ang salad master T.T kaya when u share dis parang my lightbulb sa ulo ko. im no good at cooking at more on prito lang ang alam ko.. *sigh* kaya unti unti nag aaral ako, i want to give this a try.. thanks tlga for sharing.. godbless you and aj.. ^_^

    • says

      Hi Dahlia! Yes, you can do the Korean Chicken Wings using the convection oven. Just preheat it to 400F, then bake for 30 to 40 minutes =) Share mo sakin yung result ha =)

      • may says

        Hi, i just want to ask how to preheat an oven..we also have oven like yours but its kyowa brand and i dunno how to do the “preheat” procedure. I dunno how to operate it :$ thanks much in advance.

        • says

          To pre-heat an oven, just turn it and set the temperature according to what is required in your recipe. Set the timer to 20 minutes then after 15 minutes or so, you can put your baking pan na or whatever it is you’re going to bake =)

    • AJ says

      Hi! According to the oven’s specs, max power consumption is 1500W. Pero hindi naman sustained na ganun ang consumption the whole time na ginagamit yung oven. For example during baking, the oven might consume that much power to heat up the inside pero after that, yung fan na lang ang gumagana so bumababa na yung power consumption nya.

      The good thing is, wala naman kami napansin na sobrang laki ng spike sa usage, according to our Meralco bill – meron chart dun tracking your monthly usage eh 🙂

  6. AJ says

    We’ve actually made a lot more than just those listed above – we’ve made a chocolate pudding cake, a dense vanilla cake, an accidental bibingka cake (my fault, not the oven’s), and a reboot of the chocolate chunk cookies. I tend to call them our experiments hehe, and it’s real fun trying them out.

    If you’re a beginning baker like Leah and I, this Asahi convection oven is an entry level model that will be a good companion while you learn about the basics. Apart from baking, you can roast or broil meat and other stuff as well. For its low price, don’t expect bells and whistles on it. But if all you need is a simple to use oven, this one can fit the bill.

  7. Jaun says

    We have this oven and I have used it for making blueberry cheesecake mini-cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes! I’d say I wasn’t really disappointed. 🙂 There are times though that the oven temperature decreases when you leave it for a certain amount of time (i.e. when I am making frosting and preheating the oven).

    Maybe I am just not yet familiar with the Asahi heater selector since I have been accustomed to using an ELBA oven, so if you could help me, may I know what each of the heater settings stand for? It made me YAAAY when you mentioned it has a broiler setting!

  8. says

    We have a separate microwave oven and oven toaster at home. It has lasted for years but one is showing signs of near death hehehe I figured out that this convection oven can serve as a better replacement. It can perform more than the functions to two separate machines.

    Sana meron pa 🙂

  9. Anne Azares says

    Hi Lea, Thanks for sharing this!! I really want to bake, kaso we don’t have oven, and can’t afford to buy mga La Germania.. Akala ko kc sa ganun lang pwede magbake.. Much much affordable yan,, kaya thanks so much for sharing this! I can pursue my baking na!( kapag nakabili nko ng ganyan.. hehe.. )

  10. jam says

    Hi! Ms. Leah,Thank you so much for this Blog Review for Asahi Convection. I was the one who commented sa post mo asking about this oven and ngayon lang ulit nakapagbackread sa mga blog post. We bought this oven last feb2,Na-amazed ako nung babayaran ko na naging 2400pesos na lang. Hehehe… We tried our 1st baked chocolate crinkles and perfectly baked siya kahit di na namin na preheat. More recipes and food blogging. Thanks po ulit. 🙂

    • says

      We used to but what we got from the Landmark isn’t accurate either so we stopped using it. You can do without the extra thermometer inside the convection oven =)

  11. kaile says

    Hi! We bought this pero required pa ba ang Pre-Heat if for ex. Baking cookies for 177c/8mins? OR We just bake it without Preheating? Pansin ko kasi may light pag-plug ng oven pero gagana lang if may set na ng time… Thanks.

      • Rissa Noma says

        Hi. we bought this oven earlier this year. I was wondering how to pre heat this oven? Pag po ba na iset na sa temp how many minutes bago ilagay yung ibi bake? and this only have 250 temp. most of the recipes na nakita ko 350 kailangan nila.. Thanks po ^_^

  12. angel says

    hi. was looking at SM for possible ovens. Unfortunately, walang asahi available. would you happen to know if ok din ang kyowa? I heard it has no fan like what you mentioned with your asahi (i havent seen it upclose, it’s on the top shelf). would it matter?
    here’s the pricelist:
    23 liters – 2420.00 (not in SM)
    28 liters – 2899.75 (SM)
    35 liters – 3299.75 (SM)
    I havent encountered a blog like this for kyowa, so i’m a little bit skeptic.
    Would appreciate your response on this. Thanks.

    PS Nice blog 🙂

    • says

      Hi Angel!

      I could not speak for Kyowa because I haven’t used any of their appliances yet.

      You might want to consider Imarflex. That’s the brand my parents use naman, and it’s really durable. A bit expensive than Asahi nga lang po.

  13. says

    I saw this from Anson’s months ago but I was having second thoughts on the brand. Your review is very convincing, haha! Might buy this one na lang. May I know the dimension?

  14. says

    Hi Leah,

    Thanks for this post! We were gifted an oven but unfortunately it fits small dishes/baking pans only and doesn’t have a dial for the temp. I have convinced my hubby to get another one na because of your yummy baking experiments! We’re excited na to try your recipes 🙂

  15. Ann says

    Hello Ms. Leah,

    Ask ko lang ilang ltrs yun pinakamalaking size & yun dimension.
    Would appreciate for the reply,
    I’m interested.
    Thanks a lot!

  16. april says

    Hi Leah,
    Really drooling over your great foodies here.. 🙂
    I was inspired by your blog to buy a convection oven.
    I was eyeing for gas type one but held back since it is my first time baking.
    I saw this Asahi brand and because of your blog, I was really ready to buy not until the sales man could not answer a question…. “Where do I find the Service Centers?”
    Then I searched over the net to look for Asahi website but then again, I found a website listing out properties for sale! Really crazy.. 🙂 might have been in the wrong site :D.

    For those who will buy Asahi, Abenson’s has a higher price of around a hundred.
    SM and Anson’s priced it at 2,525.00.

    For those who will buy Imarflex Convection ovens, always check the store that has the cheapest price. For the 30L sized one, SM Appliances – Makati priced it at PHP 4,995.00.
    Anson’s Landmark had it at PHP 4,455 while their website reads PHP 4,010.00. I got mine at Php 4,300.00 because it was the last piece.
    Landmark Department Store priced it at 5,300.00. I have read though, that it is cheaper if they go to Service Centers or call them for delivery!

    PS: I used the Blueberry Cheesecake cookies recipe! Thanks! We enjoyed it! More heavenly goodies to come! <3

  17. AILEEN says

    ASK KO LNG S OVEN NA GAMIT M PWEDE B MGLAGAY NG PARCHMENT PAPER OR PARRAFIN WAX AND OTHER BAKING CERAMIC DISH? meron kasi aqng oven pro takot qng gamitan ng mga un.. salamat po

  18. Coleen says

    Hi. bake at 350F for 40-50 mins .. Gagawing 175C e ung time po babaguhin pa or hindi na? Thank you

    • says

      I usually follow the baking time in the recipe, then adjust if there’s a need to. It depends on what you’re baking kse.

  19. Merlita lorenze says

    Hi there ask ko lang po gaano katagal mgpa preheat?5 minutes pa dipa masyadong mainit,,,ano po ba yang selector pra san po yan?

    • says

      It takes about 8-10 minutes to pre-heat an oven. You can refer to the manual po to know the functions of the selectors… Thanks!

  20. Merlita says

    Thank you sa rply sis sira pla yung nabili ko so sinauli ko sa mall ayun pinalitan nila,,,nakaluto na ako ng cookies ganda yehey heheh

  21. Gerlyn says

    Hi po Ms. Leah,

    Matagal na ako pabalik-balik dito sa site mo since I’m also planning to buy a convection oven. Ask ko lang kung nakabili ka na po ba ng extra tray and grill tray for it? Also, nagamit mo na po yung pang-roast na feature niya? Update mo naman po kami.

    Thanks a lot! This is really a very helpful blog about the product!


    • says

      No, I didn’t buy any na. What I bought instead are baking pans and cookie trays =) I haven’t used the rotisserie “stick” =) Mas feel ko kse mag-roast by baking hehe.

  22. hector says

    Hi…. some baking instructions requires to preheat oven…. How do I preheat the ASAHI convection oven?

    • says

      To pre-heat, turn on the oven and set temperature according to the recipe’s requirement. Set timer to 20 minutes then iwan mo lang sya while you prepare the food to be baked.

      We use an oven thermometer to check if the heat inside the oven has reached its desired temperature. Critical din kse yung temp sa baking so we try to be as precise as possible. For meat, pwedeng wala na itong thermometer.

  23. Mac says

    Thanks so much for the very comprehensive blog! 🙂 I am not into cooking or baking but I was convinced by your review.

    Thanks again! Kudos po! 🙂

  24. Vannie Dela Cruz says

    Hi! Do you bake cupcakes po? If yes, at wat level mo po piniplace ung tray? Closer s bottom just wat u did with the choco cake s photo or s middle po? Thanks 🙂 got this oven dn po and i havent tried to use it in baking.

  25. dokie says

    Just wondering is this convection oven the same as the turbo we are using? Kc I have one and its written in the box that it is a convection oven, does it mean na i dont have to buy an oven just like yours?

  26. Cham says

    Hi Ms. Leah.
    I have the same oven as yours. I am just wondering, when baking, let’s say cakes and cupcakes, do you use both the upper and bottom heat or just the bottom heat? Thanks.. 🙂

  27. Camille says

    Hi ms Leah! We have the same oven and Ive been using it for a couple of months now. But what I do want to know is how long do you bake your cupcakes when using the bottom heat? Coz Ive been using both since then and now it made me wonder what could be the difference on the baked goods ive been making if I used the bottom heat only instead of using both.

    • says

      You have to use both top and bottom heat for baking, otherwise the oven will not reach its desired temperature. Baking cupcakes take us 20 minutes max per batch.

  28. teepee says

    Hi Leah! Happy to have stumbled ito your site…It’s been months na and pabalik balik lang ako sa mall, always doing windowshopping as to what oven should i buy. Now you’ve helped make a decision at plus factor pa ang mga featured recipes mo,(also a joy of baking fan). Thank you!
    P.S. I’m gonna try your gourmet chicken adobo soon:)

    • says

      Hi Teepee and welcome to The Bright Spot! Let me know how your gourmet chicken adobo turns out =) I hope you and your family will enjoy it =)

  29. Randel says

    Thanks for posting this blog. My girlfriend is crazy about baking and we’ve been wondering what brand and type of oven to buy which off course will fit our budget. We already saw this oven in SM appliances center when we window shopped and I also thought that it’s gonna be enough for her since she’s a beginner. You really gave us a good idea and also thanks for posting your recipes as well. You’re a BIG help.. More power to you and God bless us all so as my GF’s baking career hehehe

  30. Charris Puno says

    Hi Lea!

    I just want to thank you for this product review. I would like to start baking but i do not have that big budget to purchase OVEN that is above 5k of price. We went to the mall last night and i was looking for the cheapest convection oven i can buy then i saw this same exact UNIT. I’ve made up my mind na this is the best for me since I am still in trial mode. Even that, I’m still looking for the product specs so i can buy it na. I am so lucky to find your page. Now i am 100% sure that this is what i want and need. Tapos I saw your baked goods and Parang gusto ko ng mag out now sa work and buy it and follow your recipes. lol.

    Sincerely Thanking you…
    Charris 🙂

    P.S – I will come back and check your page again to make sure that i am updated.

  31. yzza radam says

    Thank u for sharing these info..i’ve been looking for a convection oven with the affordable price and im glad i saw ur blog.thanks!

  32. Benjh says

    Hey Leah, thanks for the review. we’ve been planning to try baking and got some problems on buying ovens (too expensive) then i ran into your review which give us hope. We’ll try this convectional oven and see if we’ll be lucky as you do. Gotta try some of your recipes.. Nice one. Thanks…

  33. Nica says

    Thanks for this review Ms Leah.. Honestly, i cant stop day dreaming after reading this.. haha i want to buy this ASAP.. 😉 and soooo excited to start baking.. Super thanks

    • Shalee says

      Hahaha,.kala ko aku lang yung nagday dream after i read this blog,.I am currently looking for convection oven that will not exceed my budget of 5K,.Got the chance to read this blog and everyday i keep on imagining cupcakes,foodies,etc,.hahaha

  34. paige says

    Just bought my Asahi convection oven today. Your review was really helpful in making me decide. Can’t wait to try your recipes. Cheers!

  35. Sether says

    Hopefully I can find an oven as good as yours tomorrow! So hard living in the province with minimal access to appliance centers. Thank you very much for your product review. Will try your recipes very soon! And yeah, looking at those food photos makes me hungry too! 😀

  36. veronica says

    Hi ms. Lhea.. Askq lng po kc usually, x mga recipe n nppnuod q and nbabasa q for baking cakes nedd ng 350degrees celcius.. But wala aq mhnap n oven na my 350 almost lhat ng nkikita q is hnggang 250 lng,, and i ask the sales lady,, ang sbi nd dw pwedw ung oven na 250 lng,, bka dw mahilaw ng cakr,, im wondering pg bumili aq ng oven tpos nd nn pala q mkkpag bake ng cakes?? Sna po mbasa nio at msagot nio po ung tanong q… Thank u po.. And wla o ba s ibng sm un asahi???

    • says

      You mean 350 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s what most baking recipes require. Then you convert it into Celsius kse yun naman ang temperature measurement ng convection oven.

  37. Maricar says

    Hi ms. Leah.

    I just bought mine because of this blog post. Haha. I’m super excited. I would like to ask kung ung tray ba na kasama sa unit pwedeng lagyan lng ng parchment paper / oil it for baking cookies or need ng separate tlga na cookie sheet? Based sa search ko sa google. Iba pa ata ung cookie sheet. If ever anong use nung tray na included? (Obvious na wlang idea sa baking. Haha

    • says

      We bought cookie sheet trays at the Landmark and sakto sya sa convection oven =) We bake our cookies using these. Mind you, they’re not the expensive types. Wala pa nga ata P50.00 per tray hehe!

  38. judy angelica marcelo says

    Hi pls. Help un asahi oven ko ayaw ata mag off naka red pa rin un ilaw at hnd nababago un timer. :((

  39. anne says

    Hopefully I can buy today. I`ve been searching this kind of oven lalo na mag uumpisa pa lang:-) .. very helpful itong blog mo. Thank you:-)

  40. Kenji says

    Hi! Ask ko lang if masbetter may aluminum foil na gamitin dito sa asahi convection oven kapag mayluluto ng hotdog, ham, steak, bacon, etc? And kalangan ba sa grill tray or yung sa tray lang? New to this!

  41. Ny says

    Hi there, I’d like to know how your oven is doing after months of frequent use? I’m planning to buy an oven like yours but I’m wary about their knobs clonking out. I have two products from Asahi (a regular oven toaster & rice cooker) for 4 years now. Both are constantly & heavily used (as in “gamit na gamit” from baking cupcakes & chicken breast fillet) to cooking rice and meals) and suprisingly, both still work. Although, the knob/timer of the oven toaster doesn’t work anymore and it’s been a year I think. I have to manually turn it off & use a clock timer so food doesn’t get burnt (Haha!*effort*.) Then again for 4 years? Not bad, right?

    Thank you for your review of the product. Good luck with your oven.

  42. kate says

    hello! I really want to buy this na for christmas! hehe. thank you for sharing this. pero I am considering to buy American Home Electric Oven & Rotisserie I guess this is bigger, but im not sure if the quality and baking capacity is also good? please let me know your ideas… ^^

  43. aikee says

    hi..your such an angeL..ive been Looking for a convection oven coz i want to bake..but my hubby insisted to buy me Larger and more expensive one..sabi ko sayang ang pera..yung mura muna tsaka maLiit Lang kasi ittry ko paLang naman dahiL taga buLacan ako yung ibang appLiances dito eh hindi naman kumpLeto..thank God i found your bLog..papahanap ko kay hubby agad yan..thanks..God bLess and more cooking to go..

  44. rosette says

    hi leah! my husband recently gifted me this because i was making parinig, hahaha, and pinabasa ko sa kanya itong review mo. we’ve only used it once for roasting a whole chicken. I used the rod and used the middle knob kasi ok naman kasi umiikot naman yung chicken. I must say I was impressed! It’s my first time to roast a chicken and it turned out great. I would have not bought this convection oven if not for your review. Thanks and kudos to your blog!

    • ella lacsamana says

      Hi ask ko lang if available pa po sa sm eto asahi convection oven? Like na like q po to. Wala na po kasi dto sa metro mall sold out na 🙁 plan ko mag buy this december.

  45. lena says

    hi leah! thanks for sharing. it’s really good to know that what i will buy is already tried and tested! will be trying your recipes soon!

  46. Khaye Rhen says

    Hi Ms. Leah,

    Your blog is very helpful talaga. Me and my 2 sisters in law (who are both single) are looking forward to bake, since nagustuhan nila mga ginagawa kong deserts, I am thinking na mag bake na rin, Sila gagastos ako gagawa. hahaha! kaso nga wala kaming oven and we cannot afford to buy a gas range with oven. Good thing nakita ko tong blog mo, pinabasa ko sa kanila, and now we are decided to buy one na, Thank you so much for your posts.. very very helpful talaga. More power! God bless

  47. Elie says

    Hi Leah.

    I have the same oven. I use it for baking too. I just wanna know how many batches of cookies ang nagagawa mo since one tray at a time lang pwede? Takot kasi ako baka pag gumawa ako madaming batches masira yung oven. Thank you so much 🙂

    • says

      Hi Elie, we’ve tried making 4 batches (of the blueberry cheesecake cookies) na sunod-sunod and hindi naman pumalya hehe! We bake for our consumption lang ha, hindi for business.

  48. says

    Hi Leah. Just wondering. When you use the oven toaster do you lay it on top of a different surface than pictured? Or is it ok to lay on top of wood?

  49. says

    Hi Ms. Leah,

    Just wondering lang po, na try nyo na po ba na mag use ng mug while baking, cake for example, sa Asaha convection oven? gusto ko sana ma try kaso natatakot ako.. hehehehe.. thank you.. 🙂

  50. Kristina says

    ms. leah, try bringing your grill tray sa mga welding shops baka pwede sila gumawa ng ganyan. baka lang… hehe… para madaming cookies ang ma-bake… 🙂

  51. Marinel Sanchez says

    Hello po Ms. Leah, ask ko lang po ung asahi convection oven po ba multifunction na like oven toaster po at microwave oven? I mean po if i were to purchase one, hindi ko na po need buy ng microwave oven na panginit lang ng leftover foods? Pwede na din po ba maginit jan s asahi convection oven?

  52. Kath Kae says

    Hi Ms. Leah,

    Thank God i found this blog. I have the same model as yours. Napanalunan ko sa raffle ng office namen and Im using it like thrice. Unfortunately, di ko alam yung heating selector kung paano yung tama when im baking. Luckily, i found your blog kaya naman magta-try na ulit ako mag-bake.. Tama ba? when baking dapat nasa bottom yung heating selector? like 6 o’ clock position? when im using it kasi for the first time nasa middle lang yung heat selector kaya di ko na prefect yung ginamit ko.

    God bless you always!!!
    You’re such a big help especially for the newbies like me..

  53. says

    Hi Ms. Leah! I just bought my Asahi convection oven last Sunday. Perfect ang roasted chicken ko! Like you, I did not use the rod for roasting the chicken, however, I am having a hard time cleaning the upper part, nag-mark yung sa heating rod eh… Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you and more power sa blog mo! 🙂

  54. Marvin says

    HI Leah..

    Thanks for this. I just have a question, ok ba yung oven for roasting? Have you tried na ba?? Frustated chef kasi ako, hehehe.. most recipes kasi na nakikita ko for my Mom eh, kailngan ng roasting.. Please advise naman.. Salamat.

  55. Karla says

    Hi po, im a first time to bake, i bought also asahi 30L convection oven. I just wanna ask if how do you adjust the temperature if when you need 350 C but the oven is just 250 C max.

  56. Angel says

    Thanks you for this! I have that exact oven for 1 year now. I love it! But i didnt know how to use the function well and i always burn my cakes everytime i bake!!! And now i read the comments here and learned to put it in clockwise…. Wow!!! Thank u!!!! Im baking chiffon right now its now burnt!!! Happy kid here!;)

    • says

      That’s good to hear! Dami mo pa pwede ma-cook with your convection oven. Try it for baking chicken next time =) Ganda rin ng results =)

  57. xylee says

    Hi po just wondering po para san po gamitin yun selector button po? Looking forward to buythis soon po for baking…your reply alot of help. Thanks po and God Bless..

    • says

      There are only 3 selectors in this oven that you have to be familiar with: the thermostat (in Celsius), heater (the dotted lines refer to the heating rods while the asterisk refer to the fan) and the timer.

  58. Nerlie Dimapilis says

    Kabibili ko lang po ng cupcake pan, hindi sya kasya..:(.. pero marami na akong nai-bake like cupcakes and yema cake..ano p[o bang cupcake pan ang size para sa oven?

      • says

        Regular dishwashing liquid lang po. Punasan nyo po agad kapag may nakita kayong stain, kse pag hindi po nilinis agad nakapit na and that becomes more difficult to remove.

    • xylee says

      Hi po ask ko lang matagal po ba talaga maluto yun cake or brownies or cupcakes, example po followed namn po yun instructions yun preheat yun time for baking pero di kagad sya naluto as time instructed. Ang nanyayari po sakin kasi inuulit ko po ulit yun time kunwari 20mins lng dapt nagiging 1hr po bago maluto sya.sorry for asking po bago lang po gumamit ng asahi oven.salamt sa rereply.God bless

  59. says

    hi ms. leah, im also newbie here and and magpraractice pang ako magbake sa convection oven like yours, ask ko lng po kung sa lhat po b ng i-babake like cookies, browies, cakes and cupcakes,. bottom lng po ung gagamitin,. and wat do u mean by 6’o clock,. thanks po,. im already a fan of your recipes! thanks sa blog mu,. God bless

    • says

      By 6 o’clock I mean the heat selector must be in 6 o’clock position. Ito yung setting herein both the upper and lower heat elements of the oven are turned on =)

      Thanks for reading my blog! =)

  60. Cha says

    Gudeve po..ask ko lng po…pg ngbabake po ako…tas nasa 6 ung heat selector..i followed the recipe and also the given i need to cover the fan with foil.lage po nasusunog ung ibabaw nung cake..panu po b gamitin ang heat selector

    • says

      Yung rack po ba nasa middle lang? Ganun po ang ginawa namin. Hindi masyado malapit sa heating elements yung rack. Lately gumagamit din si AJ ng oven thermometer para alam nya yung temperature sa loob ng oven, pero binili namin separately yun.

      Saka check mo with a cake tester or toothpick yung cake ng mas maaga dun sa baking time ng recipe, kasi approximate lang naman din yun mga nasa recipe. Minsan trial and error din.

  61. Cha says

    Gudeve po..ask ko lng po…pg ngbabake po ako…tas nasa 6 ung heat selector..i followed the recipe and also the given i need to cover the pan with foil.lage po nasusunog ung ibabaw nung cake..panu po b gamitin ang heat selector

  62. xylee says

    Hi po bago lang din po ko nakabili ng oven asahi, i followed din po the instructions sa cake, tska po preheat temparature tama din po sa selector, yun result po nun cake ko naluto namn po sya kaso di po ba talaga sya nag rise, inabot din poko ng 1hr bago naluto cake pero sa instruction po mga 30-45 min dpat luto napo..thanks po!

  63. Eliene says

    Hi Miss Leah,

    Ask lang po . Pag nka 6 oclock position for baking hindi b talaga nagrered yung rods? Anong selector yung magrered yung rods nya?
    I tried baking sugar cookies for the first time sinunod ko naman instructions from preparation up to cooking pero parang hilaw pa din sya. Napreheat ko ung oven atleast 15-20 mins. Then baked the cookies for 15 mins per recipe. Pero hndi man lang nagbrown . Paano po kaya un. Thank you 🙂

    • says

      Mag-re-red po yung rods kapag six o’clock position (meaning the selector is pointing to the bottom drawing in the selector). Both the upper and lower rods will turn red. And once the desired heat temperature is achieved, kusang magte-turn off yung rod (para hindi sumobra yung heat inside the oven.

  64. xylee says

    Hi po ganyan din po yun sakin according to recipe 20mins bake, pero inabot napo 1hr hilaw pa din po. Followed din po instructions sa recipe. Anu po kaya problem pag ganun. Thanks po.

    • says

      Hi there! Approximate lang naman din yun mga nasa recipe po. Minsan trial and error din. Lately gumagamit din si AJ ng oven thermometer para alam nya yung temperature sa loob ng oven, pero binili namin separately yun.

      • xylee says

        Hi ms. Leah thanks sa reply, pero talaga po ba inaabot ng an hour ang baking kahit sa recipes po 20mins baked lang? Naka 3 trials napo kasi ko ng baking sa asahi oven simula pagkabili wala pa po ko result na ok. Hoping maperfect at mabuo na yun result after baking.thanks po.

        • says

          Yes longer baking time po talaga kapag convection oven. The recipes you are referring to may require real oven that’s why maikli ang baking time.

          I suggest you buy an oven thermometer, it greatly helps para makuha nyo ng tama yung temperature sa loob ng oven. We didn’t have problems naman baking cakes and cookies dito, but yea, we have to be patient lang. Make sure to read the temperatures required in the recipe correctly. Others are usually in Fahrenheit, Celsius itong sa convention oven. So you have to do conversion first.

          • xylee says

            Hi po Ms.Leah thanks po sa reply san po nakakabili ng oven thermometer po and ask ko din mahal po ba sya? Thanks po. God Bless

  65. Glory says

    convincing po ang blog mo to the point that I really want to buy na agad.we wanted microwave tlga for my kids to preheat mga cooked ulam nila kaso ung price g microwave with its function conpared to this nakakahinayang bumili.Im just wondering pwede rin ba maginit ng food dito at kung hndi pwede microwavable na containers ano lalagyan ng ulam pra mainit. I want to convince my husband na ito na lng kesa sa microwave e. Really would appreciate your response. – from a non cooking mom.My husband do all the cooking.

    • says

      Hi Ms. Glory. Magkaiba po ang functionalities ng microwave oven and convection oven. If your purpose is to reheat food, microwave oven po ang dapat. Convection oven is used mainly for baking, which takes longer.

      • Glory says

        ay ganun… akala ko pwede ipilit pra sulit. kse my eldest daughter wants to bake rin 13y/o kaya akala ko pwede na kahit papano..well…thanks!

  66. Ellen says

    Thanks Ms.Leah for this review. We’ve finally decided what brand to buy. My hubby bought me Asahi OT3011 (30L capacity) as anniv gift 🙂 Before i’m eyeing for Imarflex brand but due to some nega feedback and checked out your review then it convinced us to buy Asahi for only 3.5k (much cheaper than Imarflex). My husband bought extra grill rack at Asahi Service Center for only 150, so i can bake 2 pans/trays at a time. I’ve already baked choco muffins, choco chip cookies and banana bread. I’ll try also your yummy recipes, and planning to roast chicken stuffed with cream of mushroom and bake cheesecake cookies this coming Valentine’s day. Goodluck to me 🙂

  67. wy says

    yehey!.. im soooo happy with your review. super canvass na kasi ako ng oven and i dont know what to buy. You are such a big help to me just like an angel ^^. Kaya lang but ganun sa abenson 3k + ang price nito 🙁 But anyway im soooo excited to bake.. this will be my 1st time. I’ve read the whole comment thread and got an idea about “preheat”. Thank you ms. leah ^^

  68. says

    I wonder how much kaya eto noon like mga 5 years ago? Sana pala hindi nalang microwave oven yung binili namin. Wala masyado magawa kasi dun compared dito sa oven.

    Kumusta naman po siya? Working pa naman until now? I’m torn between Asahi and Imarflex. LOL

  69. Ja9 says

    Ms leah ask ko lang po ano po ba tamang temp ng salang kasi ako ng pizza pero hindi ng melt yung cheeze amv gamit ko function top and bottom sinalang ko sya mg 155 degree for 25m pero d maxdo melt ung cheese prang na toated lang.. thanks

    • says

      Hi, it depends also on the cheese you used. But another way to ensure it will melt is to use the broil method (on the last 5-10 minutes of baking the pizza) to ensure that the cheese on top will met. You can do this by leaving the door of the oven slightly open while baking.

  70. Bernadette Lacza says

    I have been looking for which oven to buy and this Asahi convection oven model was recommended to me by the sm appliance staff..but its now priced at 4k plus huhu

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