Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies

Now that I have added “baking” as one of my newly-acquired “skills”, I have been wanting to make my own blueberry cheesecake.  People dear to me know how much I love this cake.  How nice it would be if I (with the help of AJ, of course) can bake and eat it, too!

Thankfully, my Ninang Caro shared to me this recipe from Heat Oven to 350 called Cheesecake Cookies.  AJ and I tried the recipe some weeks ago, and the cheesecake cookies were indeed divine!  They tasted sweet and buttery; with a chewy soft texture that reminds me of buttermilk scones (check out our buttermilk scones recipe here).   The addition of blueberry pie filling and graham crumbs completed the cheesecake ‘look’.


The recipe we used may be found HERE.  I-bookmark nyo na  =)

For the cream cheese, I used Kraft’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Original Flavor).  Cutting them into little cubes will make it easier for your electric mixer to do its job.


For the butter, I tried this brand “Ambassador”, which was on sale then.


I suggest you prepare the cheesecake cookie dough at least a day before the actual baking, for the ingredients to settle and really gel together.

Here’s how we prepared the cookies for baking:

1.  Ready the cheesecake cookie dough, graham crumbs and blueberry pie filling (I used Duncan Hines Comstock Blueberry Pie Filling, available at the Landmark Supermarket)  in separate containers.


2.   Roll the cookie dough into 1 1/2-inch balls.  AJ taught me an easier way to do it, without messing my hands – use 2 spoons to shape your dough into a ball!


3.  Roll the cookie “balls” into the graham crumbs until evenly coated.


4.  Arrange them in a baking sheet.  Using a measuring spoon, make a “dimple” at the center of each cookie ball.  This is where you will put the blueberry filling.


5.  My favorite part:  placing the fillings!


We baked the cookies for exactly 16 minutes at 350 degrees, using our trusty convection oven.   The dough expanded only a little, but it’s perfectly cooked inside already.  Let cool for about 10 minutes before serving.


Unlike regular cookies which only have to be stored in air-tight containers, these blueberry cheesecake cookies are suggested to be stored in the fridge because of its cheese component.  I actually prefer eating them cold because it made me think that I’m eating mini-cheesecakes and not cookies!

Needless to say, these blueberry cheesecake cookies are now my favorite!


Try the recipe, dear readers, and impress your family and friends with this version of blueberry cheesecake that will surely have them coming back for more!

Recipe source:  Cheesecake Cookies from Heat Oven to 350.


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  1. says

    wAAAH!!! looks yummy!! Will try this, kaso mga officemates ko lang matutuwa rito. since Dino is not into blueberry and cheesecake too.. pano kaya kayo naging magkapatid no!?! hahaha.. Sana si Liam magustuhan.. 😉

  2. Mymy says

    Looks great, Leah! I checked out the comments on the original recipe and some people commented that the dough had too much flour. Did you use all the 3.5 cups of flour?

    • says

      Hi Mymy! We divided all ingredients by 2 (because it’s our first try pa lang and we don’t know if okey sya hehe!) but we did not alter any measurement. So technically, we used 1.75 cups of flour. You may want to lessen that, though, para mas lumitaw yung lasa ng cream cheese =)

      • Mymy says

        Maybe I’ll try that. I do love the flavor of Philadelphia cream cheese. 😀 But yours didn’t turn out too floury-tasting naman?

        • AJ says

          I saw the feedback about the dough being too flour-y and losing the cheese flavor on the author’s website. Since this was our first try, we stuck to the recipe as much as we could, to find a baseline result. From there, pwde na namin tweak according to preference/feedback.

          You can do the same din, or you can try these:
          a) decrease the flour from the get-go.. you may also have to adjust the amount of baking powder kasi it’s likely dependent on the amount of flour used.
          b) increase the cheese a bit, like an additional ounce or so, without adjusting the flour and the baking powder.

          Let us know how it turns out for you!

  3. kris says

    good day po ms.Leah , I’ve read you are using asahi ot-2311 , did you bake this cookies from the same oven unit ? iam wondering how ? kasi hanggang 250° Lan sya dba ? :(( iam thinking of buying the same unit but werent reaLLy sure if I wouLd buy asahi ot-2311 as I was a newbie in baking .. pLease share some knowLedge to my cLouded head , I wouLd be greatfuL for Life ! GodbLess !

    • says

      Hi Kris! Yes, I used the same Asahi convection oven when I baked these cookies. The oven is in Celsius, while the recipe used Fahrenheit temperature. Iko-convert mo lang sya (350 Fahrenheit = 180 Celsius).

      • kris says

        yays ! :)) iam sureLy a newbie in baking , thankyou for the fast response and God bLess ! yey ! iam now decided to buy asahi , hehe XD

  4. kate says

    Hello po! I am so happy reading your reviews and recipes!!
    Ask ko lang po kung pwede to bake sa ASAHI convection oven? Thank you!

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