Pesto Bacon-Wrapped Fish Fillets

Our dinner two Sundays ago:


I got lots of “Likes” when I posted this photo at my personal Facebook account.  It’s the bacon, I think, which caught everyone’s attention hehe!

If you have tried my recipe for Bacon Pesto Pasta and liked it, then you should definitely try this recipe.  I used the same ingredients for the 2 recipes:  Clara Ole’s Cheesy Pesto Pasta Sauce and Double Smoked Bacon from Earle’s Delicatessen.


This recipe was inspired by the Herby Bacon-wrapped Fish Fillets I found at  But instead of making my own herb paste, I used my favorite pesto sauce from Clara Ole.

All you need to do is prepare the fish fillets for baking by coating them with lemon squeeze and pesto sauce, then wrapping each in bacon.


Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees F for about 30 minutes or until the fish and bacon are done.


Ta-da!  It baked so nicely and we all love the taste.  I suggest you use double smoked bacon for this recipe instead of the maple-style or honey-cured ones.  The longer smoking time gives it a deep and unforgettable flavor.

What I liked most about this recipe is that it has no need for condiments to enhance its flavor.  It’s kind of fool-proof that way.  So making this in batches (especially if you planning for a big celebration) will not be a problem.

Also, this recipe doesn’t call for measurements.  It’s very flexible.  You can coat the fish fillets with more pesto sauce if you desire without worrying about over-salted cooking.  You can also lessen the sauce if you want to enhance the flavor of the bacon instead.

Lastly, the cooking method is easy peasy.  Just half-an-hour baking is needed to come up with a restaurant-style fish dish that’s delectable and impressive (in presentation) too!

I hope you all can try it!


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  1. Garnet says

    I have all except the fish. Which fish do you recommend? Thanks for the rec. Looks delicious! [wow this post is from 2013 ok 🙂 ]

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