Shopping Theraphy + Dim Sum Break

I noticed that my posts on Divisoria shopping, craft stamps and food are getting the most number of hits in my blog, so today’s post is going to be all about that!   =)

If you’ve been following me at Instagram (@dbrightspot), you’d know where I was last Saturday.  Yes, I was at my happy place again – 168 Mall haha!  I went with my cousin, Mae Anne, who’s become my Divi shopping buddy  =)

I was there to shop for pasalubongs for my nephew, Liam (whom I’ll be seeing end of this month), as well as for my sis-in-law, Juvvy.  And since I was already there, I decided to hoard some more party essentials and craft stamps, just because.  Hehe!

I know you’re excited to see my happy finds that day so here there are:

I got these black art papers for Liam which, when scratched with a pen or soft-pointed chopstick, will reveal a rainbow of colors underneath.  I’m sure my nephew will delight in seeing all those colors come alive when he draws something in these papers!    Buy 3 for P100!


I also got this Minion piñata for him.   It’s only P100!   So cute and so cheap!  Liam will surely love this!  This is also my consuelo gift of sort because I wasn’t able to collect the Minion toys he requested (which came with those McDo Happy Meals).  Di ko kaya mag-McDo everyday!


These party napkins are so pretty and so hoard-worthy at P45.00 per pack!  You never can tell when are you having visitors, right?  Pretty table napkins will not only complement your table settings; it also helps define your party theme.  I bought 3 in dainty pastel colors of pink, green and blue.


Washi tapes (again!).  Please don’t judge me hehe!


Lace border craft stamps!  I’ve been looking for these forever!


They’re mounted on these cute wooden horses that look like toys.


 You already saw these pretty arm candies I got for only P100.00.


I also bought alphabet stamps for Juvvy and my friends.  I got sad (and a bit frustrated too) to learn that they’ve increase the prices for these craft stamps.   That’s what happens when the demand for an item suddenly goes up <sigh>.   And the stocks are limited now <sob!>, because resellers are obviously sourcing the alphabet stamps from these Divi sellers.   Good thing I’ve bought mine already when they were still priced very low.

We finished shopping at around lunch time, and by that time were craving for lunch already so we took a look at the ongoing Weekend Street Food Market at Lucky Chinatown Mall:





Street food galore!






We stuffed ourselves with siomai / dim sum from King-Chef To Go.   Burp!


I went home very stuffed with siomai and dim sum, and very happy with my shopping finds for that day.  AJ got home at around the same time I arrived, having came from the World Trade Center to attend the Media Day for The World of Toyota (read his 2-part articles here and here).  I could say that he was very pleased with the event because the first thing he did when he got home was to show me the pictures he took and narrate everything he saw (and ate, hehe!).

This Sunday, I’m finally going to see the party essentials (that I’ve amassed over the past months) and my washi tapes in action, as AJ and I host our very first Ice Cream Party!  It’ll just be a small party with 4 adults and 2 kids but already, my party food list looks like it’s a party for 10, hehe!

I’m gonna start with the party “props” tomorrow (talk about cramming!).  So I better rest now, long day ahead  =)


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  1. says

    You are now my point person for crafty finds at 168 mall hihihi Naiinggit tuloy ako bigla haha

    I’ve been to Lucky Chinatown twice but I haven’t seen the side of the Weekend Street Market. When I return (hopefully before Xmas) I will surely check the place 🙂

  2. says

    So true Leah about the alphabet stamps increasing their price. I went to the stall of your suki and the alphabet stamps that you bought before were not available. Then there’s this stall across from your suki who has it but the price of the alphabet stamp set is Php 200 🙁

    I didn’t bought the alphabet stamps but I did bought decorative tapes from your suki for a price of Php 100 for 6 pcs. These are the same tapes that I bought in Expressions for a price of Php 20 each. I have to blog about this decorative tapes soon. I’m planning to go back end of this month or first week of September in Divisoria to check out some washi tapes, burlap and fabric doilies 🙂

    • says

      Hi Joanne! If you buy 3 or more from that same suki she will give it to you at wholesale price (P180.00) kaya I bought many na para sulit din punta ko hehe!

      • says

        I assume that is for the alphabet stamps? Hopefully she will have stock by then 🙂

        Btw, the Divisoria loot that you posted above came from one stall? Or there are from diff stalls?

        • says

          Yes, Joaane same stall lang yan =) About the items I posted here, the black art papers and lace border stamps are from the same stall we get the alphabet stamps from. The Minion pinata and napkins are from that stall selling party needs =)

  3. says

    divi correspondent, did you get the border stamps from the same stall you got the alphabet stamps?
    hope the weather improves. im planning to go this wed. :S

  4. says

    hi leah! i used to go to divisoria for these random things when i was still in the Philippines. i should go there again when i visit. how much were the washi tapes, by the way? those and the craft stamps are quite expensive here in singapore.

    • says

      Hi Ays! I got the washi tapes at P20 each =) Actually P25 sha but since I buy a lot, I get discounts hehe.

      Isama mo na ang Divi sa itinerary mo when you next visit Manila =) I’m sure you will enjoy shopping for these craft items there =)

  5. margogs says

    yiay! hello leah! I was in Manila last week and I included in my itinerary a visit to this craft stall that I’ve read in your blog. I was very excited to get my hands on those alphabet stamps, I also got craft punchers and other stamp patterns too!
    Thanks for sharing Leah! Now these craft stuffs is my newly found reason to visit 168 every time I’m in Manila.

  6. Khrista says


    may i know the stall number where your bought your craft puncher? im planning to do some DIY decors for my daughters birthday next month. msyado kasi mahal sa mga online sellers. i have a feeling cheaper sa divi.


  7. Krissy says

    Hi sis, i’ve been reading your blogs this past few days. If you dont mind me askin what’s the stall number of your suki ng washi tapes? please pleaseeee..

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