Chocolate Favorites

After writing about the Royce Nama Chocolate, I was inspired to create this collage with all the chocolates I currently love.   They’re not much, to begin with, because I am not really what you call a Chocoholic.  But I love having chocolates once in a while, and always with a cup of strong black coffee  =)

Here are my current favorites:


  1. Royce Nama Chocolate.  My newest chocolate discovery.  Thanks to my cousin Mae Anne who gifted us with a box of these silky smooth milk chocolates last Christmas.  We kept it in our freezer and forgot all about it!   That is, until last Saturday when I checked for ice cream left in the freezer and found this instead.   After our first bite, we’re hooked.  Available in most establishments but here in Makati, Royce have stand-alone shops at Greenbelt 5 and Rockwell.
  2. Ricoa Flat Tops.  A childhood favorite that I never outgrew.  My face always lights up whenever I see these milk chocolates in their signature orange and silver foil wraps served during meetings and events.  It doesn’t melt fast, and has a very yummy chocolate smell.   Available in all groceries (and even sari-sari stores).
  3. Whittaker’s Roasted Almond Gold Milk Chocolate.    I was introduced to this by an office colleague who got this straight from its country of origin:  New Zealand! The first thing I noticed was that it got lots of roasted almonds.  Oh, such happiness!   The milk chocolate has a nice, rich milk taste that’s so smooth it literally melts in your mouth too (of course, the Royce Nama Chocolate is  still the best in this “melt in your mouth” department).  They’re available at Rustan’s and at the Landmark Supermarket.
  4. KitKat’s Green Tea Flavor.  Everyone’s into green tea-flavored chocolates these days, and I think it is KitKat which started all that.  There’s nothing not to love about this combination of milk chocolate and green tea.  It has a distinct green tea flavor with the creamy texture and lightness of white chocolates.  I have yet to try the other versions of this green tea white chocolate but so far I am very satisfied with KitKat’s version.
  5. Cote d’Or Dark Chocolate with Almonds.  I love premium dark chocolates (over milk chocolates) and I could easily trade the latter for the former if they are as intense and good as Cote d’Or’s.  Made of premium Belgian chocolates, it’s the best dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted.  My favorites are those with almonds and with candied orange peel.  Too bad they’re not easy to find here in Manila.  The last place I found these in was at the Duty Free Shop inside SM, Cebu City.

How about you?  What are your chocolate favorites?  Do share!


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  1. Annie Lorraine says

    Ewan ko ba, ang daming masasarap na chocolate nasa isip ko pero favorite ko talaga yata M&M’s. colorful kasi. Nakakapag brighten up ng araw. Pero gusto ko yung may almonds which is kinda hard to find these days. Anything dark na may nuts, gusto ko. Tsaka yung may sea salt. Hehe

  2. Joanne says

    I’m not really a big fan of chocolates but there are some moments that I crave for one. It’s either Cadbury Fruits and Nuts or the ever reliable and cheaper Flat Tops 🙂

    My husband on the other hand is a huge fan of chocolates and he always had a stash of Meiji Strawberry Chocolate bar every payday.

  3. Dash says

    Mine were Serg’s Chocolate and Horlicks! They don’t make them anymore today, but my childhood was complete because of these! 🙂

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