Shopping Galore at 168 Mall Divisoria

I love Divisoria!  This is my shopping mecca for clothes, housekeeping items, art and craft materials and everything in between.  Like other 168 Mall shoppers, I am drawn not only to the variety of commodities available and their wholesale prices but the place itself – it’s clean, organized and air-conditioned, just like in a mall!

What I enjoy most in shopping at 168 Mall are the clothes.   You can find the latest fashionista clothes there.  Right now, it’s Korean fashion all over.  Lots of loose and printed blouses, lace-collared blouses, chiffon blouses, maxi-dresses, floral pants and skirts, etc.  You name it, and they most likely have it.  And the prices?  Incredibly cheap!

When you’re surrounded by all these beautiful and cheap clothes and you are shopping with ladies who also love clothes, your EQ (emotional quotient) is bound to go haywire.  I know that I will not be spared from this shopping temptation, so to avoid overspending, I set a budget for myself.  I had fun scouting for best bargains and thanks to my Chinese SIL, Juvvy, I scored additional discounts from Chinese sellers.  She also helped me choose the clothes to buy (because it’s so hard to pick just one when everything’s pretty!), along with my cousin Mae Anne who is a self-confessed fashionista.

Here are my shopping loot from 168 Mall:

2 pairs of black thermal leggings that are so “in” these days.  Only P120 per pair.


Fashionable loose blouse with ‘Mexican’-stripe design (P250.00).   This is a see-through blouse, perfect for the hot, hot summer!


Another loose blouse, with black lace on the shoulders (sorry, I can’t think of a better description).   It has a sheer cover underneath so you don’t have to wear a tank top inside.  I got this also for P250.00.  I love the ‘glam rock’ feel of this one.


Side story:  Juvvy was the one who first spotted this and Mae Anne liked it too.  The blouse came in 3 color sets (red-blue-yellow, orange-green-white and this one in purple-black-white).  Juvvy got the red blouse and Mae Anne got the orange one.  Then they asked me to get the purple one as well!  The Chinese seller must be so happy to have sold 3 blouses at a time!   So each of us now has this same blouse but in different colors   =)   Pwede na k’meng mag-perform as The Supremes!

I fell in love with the “Cath Kidston” look of this blouse, and you all know how crazy I am with anything Cath Kidston.  So obviously I have to have this!  Also priced at P250.00.


I hope you’re not bothered by the door knob in the pictures.  I couldn’t find a better spot in our apartment to take pictures of these clothes on a hanger.

There were lots of printed fleece and cotton pajamas on sale there also (only P100 a pair) and I got myself one with candy-colored frogs design.


Pasalubong for AJ:  Voltes V shirt (P280.00).


On our way home, we passed by this stall that sells stationery and craft items.  They sell washi tapes in different patterns, colors and prints at only P25.00 per roll.  I know that these tapes sell at much higher prices in malls (I think P80.00 is the cheapest I saw) so I got all the designs I want already.   Can’t wait to use these with my baker’s twines from Paper Chic Studio!


I was hoping to buy little watch lanterns as decorative pieces for our apartment but this seller I found was so rude she turned me off.  Too bad she really has nice stuff on display.

Lastly, I almost bought packages of these “Princess Tiara” loot bags, which sells at P200 for a dozen.  But I couldn’t think of an occasion where I could use them.  Very pretty, noh?


Overall, t’was a very good retail therapy for the 3 of us and I hope we can do this again, but not too soon, though haha!

Thanks Juvvy and Mae Anne!  I had a blast shopping with you ladies!


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  1. Joanne says

    Hi Leah! I just want to ask where exactly in Divisoria did you bought the washi tapes? 🙂

    You’re right about them being expensive. The cheapest that I saw was Php 75 /roll from

  2. Rebecca Apran says

    Hi Ms. Leah! Same question here, where exactly in 168 mall did you buy the washi tapes? Kailangan ko kasi for my daughter’s 1st b-day (DIY stuff), TIA!

  3. Judy Lovino says

    Leah, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your latest finds in Divisoria. I love shopping there too! I would like to ask which shop did you find the princess tiara loot bags? My daughter will be celebrating her 2nd birthday come July and I am looking for party favors. I think those loot bags will be perfect for her party! Thank you and more power!

    • says

      Hi Judy! You will find it at the 2nd floor of 168 Mall mismo. I think it’s in the area near the escalator na =) The stall selling it also has other loot bags so it shouldn’t be hard to miss cos puro packages tlaga yung tinitinda nya =) Good luck!

  4. Mike Gregorio III says

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    Hi, we have a page “Divisoria Directory” where we assist fellow filipinos find their needs in divisoria for free. We are encouraging them to go into business. You may want to visit our page
    Thanks and we hope your success.

  5. Mellissa Dolores says

    Hi Ms Leah, ano po name nung store na pinagbilhan nyo ng washi tapes and yung loot bag? Been thinking to use it sa 1st Birthday ng baby ko.. Para as early as now makapag prepare na ko. Thank you!

  6. Mellissa Dolores says

    Hi Ms Leah, is Meisic Street different from Meisic Mall? Been trying to look fot it via Google Map pero hindi malocate yung Meisic street..

    • says

      Hello, sorry for the late reply. The store doesn’t have a name but it’s on the 2nd floor of 168 Mall. There are a few stalls there selling these same thermal leggings =)

  7. Matt says

    Hi Ms Leah! What’s the name of the store that sells washi tapes? Do they have stationery and other Kawaii products? Thanks!

  8. Kim says

    Good morning ask qlng po Kung matron po bang mabibilhan sa 168 or kahit saan Parte sa divisoria Ng Chinese costumes pls reply po at Kung na sa mag kano po kaya ang price Nya pls reply po as soon as possible Salamat po Ng madami:)

  9. zel says

    I love washi tapes thank you dahil alam ko na ngayon ang bilihan ng washi tapes sa divi magkano po ba yung pinkamahal nilang wahi tapes doon ? thank you for answering my question 🙂

  10. mace says

    Hi…where can I find the tiaras? Is it still in the same location? Is it in the new building of 168 mall or the ones at the back? TIA please email me back =)

    • says

      HI Divine! It is the building just across 168 Mall, along Meisic Street (that’s why people has come to know or call it as the “Meisic Mall”).

      I hope this helps.

  11. Nicole says

    Hi Ms. Leah, thank you so much sa info about the washi tape, my question is san banda yung meisic street?. TIA 🙂

  12. Blove says

    Hi po. May idea po ba kayo saan banda particularly nabibili ang maxi skirts sa may divisoria? I so love to buy because of cheap prices pero di ko po mahanap don sa laki.

      • jojo says


        how about the Voltes V shirt? where did u get it? saan particularly sa 168? Ang ganda kc ng print…been looking for voltes V shirts ever since.. Thanks!


        • says

          The stall selling the voltes-v shirt is on the 4th flr of 168 mall where the food court is. I wasn’t able to take note of the number but I’m sure the other sellers there know about this shop kse ito lang nagtitinda nito dun sa floor na yun ö

  13. Kattie says

    Hello. Where in DV did you buy the thermal leggings? and is it thick like is it really for winter? I have to buy kasi for next year. Thank you

    • says

      Hi Kattie, yes the fabric of the leggings is thick pwede sa winter. Unfortunately I could not remember the stall number but there are plenty of stalls selling thermal leggings at Divi.

  14. Erika says

    Hi po 🙂 Just wanted to ask kung open ung 168 mall on Nov 2, 2014? I checked, last 2012, nag-open sila for a half day. Di ko kasi sure kung open siya on that day e..:) Thank you po in advance!

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