Shopping Loot from Homeworld’s Warehouse Sale

This is not the first time that we’ve been to Homeworld’s Bodega Sale.  The first time was last year and we found so many bargain items there for our apartment.

So when I saw this announcement posted at my Facebook page we got so excited at what we’re gonna find this time.

Compared to the sale last year, there were fewer items included in this year’s sale and most of the items on sale were bedsheets.   We were looking forward to finding chinaware and tea sets at big discounts but there were so few of them to choose from (so very unlike last year).

Despite that, we still ended up filling up our shopping baskets with these:

We bought plenty of these memory pillows that are on a buy 1-take 1 promo.  Perfect as gifts to those who savor sleeping (like me hehe!)

These designer throw pillow cases were on sale at only P50.00 a piece.   Can’t believe my luck when I saw these.  All of them, except the one in the bottom, were made from velvet fabric.

The Lock & Lock booth was among those that were teeming with shoppers because all items, including these gift sets, were on sale.

My major shopping find from this year’s warehouse sale:  Akemi bed sheets (cotton satin fabric) at only P1,800!!!  A steal!

Fiber Pillows from Mandaue Foam.   They’re also on a buy 1-take 1 promo.

It was a good sale, overall.   But I hope they will feature more dining and home decor items (like furniture) next year.   They were sorely missed in this year’s sale.



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