Afternoon Tea at Manila Peninsula

I delayed writing about our afternoon tea experience at Manila Peninsula because we all got busy and scared and wet in the last few days due to the flooding caused by that storm with no name.

Now that the sun is up (it’s actually beautiful day today) and everything is calm, we can all go back to our daily routines and maybe hold a little thanksgiving celebration.   As for me, I finally would like to share with you our very “English” experience at the Manila Peninsula, where AJ and I had an afternoon tea buffet one fine Saturday.

I once told AJ of the afternoon tea experience I had there many years ago and I would like to have that again – this time with him.   So he got this “Member for a Day” card for us,  as a wedding anniversary gift to me.  He said that the symbol for 1st year anniversary is paper, hence this gift of paper that comes with a great package!

The “Member for a Day” card entitles the bearer with a 50% discount at any meal or services at the Manila Peninsula provided he/she has a companion to bring over.   Basically, it’s a card that gives you a “buy one, take one free” privilege at the hotel.

It’s a good thing AJ made reservations for us prior to our visit because there were a number of people already at the lounge area (where afternoon tea is served) when we got there.

This romantic tea set welcomed us and set the mood for a lovely afternoon:

We started the meal with Manila Pen’s signature coffee, before officially kicking in the afternoon tea session:

We checked out the savory finger-sized sandwiches first and I couldn’t help filling my little plate with these:

(clockwise): Baked Macaroni with Potato Bits in White Sauce, Monsieur Croque, Chicken Salad in Pandesal Bread, Open Roast Beef Sandwich and fried dumpling with chutney (I forgot what it’s called already)

They were all good!   The Open Roast Beef Sandwich was especially superb and I went back for this hehe.

This one’s excellent!

Other favorites:  spring rolls and herbed potato balls!

These were followed by scones with strawberry jam, clotted cream and lemon curd.  You can choose between the regular scone, raisin scone or mango scone.  I chose the raisin scone (a good thing too, because when I went back for it, they’re all gone).

Oh, let’s not forget the tea!   We chose Earl Grey tea among the many tea flavors available, because it’s generally stronger (it’s from the black tea family, after all) and has a lovely citrus fragrance because of bergamot oil.

Here’s how it was served:

The tea leaves are filtered using this stainless steel filter that you place atop your tea cup.

Let’s now go to the selection of cakes and other pastries!   I was so full by this time so I chose my dessert carefully and got only what I can finish.

Chocolate Banana Pudding, Fresh Melons and Mango Roulade

Below is AJ’s dessert plate.   He tried the New York Cheesecake and commented that it was heavenly good.

What a lovely afternoon it was!   We were so oblivious to the hard rain falling outside (a prelude to the wet, wet week we would have) and simply enjoyed our time together at Manila Peninsula.

The afternoon tea meal is supposed to be taken at leisurely pace to enjoy not only your tea, coffee, sandwiches and desserts, the lovely cups and table setting, but the company of your loved ones as well.    We sure lost track of time and by the time we’re finished it was closing time at the buffet table hehe.    It was true, indeed, when they say that everything stops for tea!

Before calling it a day, we took a walk around the hotel lobby and at the other lounge upstairs.   AJ took this photo of me at that part of the hotel lobby famous for its picturesque balcony that has graced more wedding photos than anything else.

We hope to go back here again soon!  Let me end this post by giving a big THANK YOU to my hubby who thought of this wonderful, wonderful anniversary gift!

You too can enjoy this afternoon tea buffet at the Manila Peninsula.   Check out the details here and make your reservations now.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


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  1. says

    Hi Leah! Belated thanks pala for the number of your alahera. I haven’t contacted her yet but will do soon. 🙂 I love love love the Pen afternoon tea! Did you guys get the Pen card membership na? It’s always 50% off for meals for 2 so you can have afternoon tea anytime. Super sulit.

  2. says

    Cool post …btw im a membership consultant of manila peninsula …in case you want to avail for the card …just drop by and ill tell my manager about it 🙂


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