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I have an online shop at and I have posted lovely items for sale there.

Among those on sale are two (2) of my moissanite rings which were retired already in my jewelry box, and I feel that they would make really lovely engagement rings to would-be brides out there.   They’re both designed by me and can be polished for free to make it look brand-new.

This ring above was designed with the “sunflower” in mind.   The stone in the middle is a 0.29 cts. Charles and Covard Moissanite, and has a “prong” or claw that is well above the ring’s band to give it an elegant, classic look.   This middle stone is surrounded by 10 pieces of 0.03 cts. moissanites.   I used 18k white gold for this ring.  Buy it here.

The next ring on sale has a classic engagement ring design with 4.0 mm Charles and Covard Moissanite in the middle and is surrounded on both sides by 10 genuine diamonds measuring 2.0 mm each.   I don’t have the carat value of this ring with me but they can be tested to determine authenticity.   Like the ring above, it is set in 18k white gold.  Buy it here.

I am also selling this set of 2 bracelets of 18k gold – perfect as bracelets or anklets.  They both came from Japan and measures approximately 7 inches each.   Buy it here.

Lastly, I am selling our Samsung ES70 camera that served as our first camera.  It has served as well. All our lovely pictures in Ilocos last year, as well as the jewelry above were taken using this camera.     It’s small but powerful!  Buy it here!

More items are on sale at my eBay store like books (plenty of them, actually) so do check out (you can also click on the eBay logo pasted at the right panel of this blog) and you might just find something you like!


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