How I turned a soup into a pasta

It was raining the whole of last week and the weather made me crave for a hot soup dish – the chicken macaroni soup, to be exact.

So last Sunday, I excitedly cooked my first soup dish following this recipe (but I did away with some ingredients like the hotdogs and eggs) and then took out our soup bowls for the soup.  AJ and I were already drooling over a hot soup that would look like this:


But it turned out like this – not a soup, but a creamy macaroni dish!

Paired with the Classic Italian sandwich from Earle’s Delicatessen, it turned out to be one of the best dinner meals we had:

So what happened?   I followed the recipe to the dot, but I let the soup stay in the Saladmaster sauce pan after it was cooked, and you all know how good this cookware is at keeping the heat intact even after turning off your stove.     As a result, the heat absorbed more of the soup, leaving us a creamy macaroni pasta in the end.

Still, the dish was a winner.  And I know so because my mom texted me this:  “Sarap ng carbonara!” (“The Carbonara was good!”).

Haha, now I have a carbonara recipe on hand!


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