Exploring Bohol

We spent only 1 full day and 1 full night in Bohol (not including the travel time to and from Cebu), but still we were able see most of what the island province has to offer.   The secret to doing that is to manage your time properly and to plan your itineraries well.   The latter is very important because most tourist destinations in Bohol are located at different towns so try to maximize your trip by listing down what you really want to see and the activities that you plan to do there.

Below are some of the tourist attractions that we were able to visit:

Tarsiers’ Sanctuary at Corella, Bohol:

The breathtaking Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.   Our shots were limited at “eye level” angle because we were being charged P200.00 per head (bloody expensive!) for access to the observation deck (which could have given us a 360-degrees view of the whole 1,200+ hills), and we’ll even need to climb up a very long stairway to get to the top.    Anyway, I still love how our pictures turned out.

A beach resort in Panglao, Bohol.  This town has the best beaches ever.

Our Lady of Assumption Shrine in Dauis, Bohol was the only church that we were able to visit.  The well-preserved fresco artworks in the church’s ceiling were really impressive.  All of of these are still in their original form.

The Dauis Church is known for the fresh water that comes from a well which miraculously appeared at the foot of the altar many years ago.   The water is said to have healing powers.   Visitors and patrons of the Church alike can get bottle/s of this “holy water” and need only give a donation to the Church in exchange.

Nova Shell Museum.  Our last stop in Bohol on Day 2 of our trip.   It was a very interesting museum, with a very expansive catalogue of real shells on display.

Of the thousand shell species that I saw, this one was my favorite.  I love the dotted design on the shell – very symmetrical looking.

We also visited the blood compact (“sandugo”) site in Tagbilaran City, Bohol but there were too many tourists around who were, to my horrors, taking inappropriate poses with the statue below (clean photo courtesy of bohol-philippines.com):

Like any other monument, this one must be kept secure and off-limit to tourists.   The tourists (mostly Filipinos) we saw were stepping into the platform itself and were even hugging the statues as part of their photo-ops. Really ghastly!  Calling the local tourism unit at Tagbilaran City!  Please don’t allow visitors to desecrate this monument with mindless (even vulgar) picture poses of themselves with the statues.

Next, I will take you around the resort where we stayed in.   I am actually saving this post for last, because I want to show you first the best parts of our trip hehe.

Meantime, I am off to sleep (work day tomorrow).   I hope you enjoyed this one  =)


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  1. says

    They’re now charging for the observation deck? Cripes! It was free 4 years ago. Haha! And you should try Bantayan Island next time. It feels like heaven, too, there 🙂

    • says

      Yea, and at P200 per head, it’s not cheap huh!

      Ooh, I’ve been to Bantayan Island before for work and I definitely fell in love with it. Too bad I’m not yet a camwhore then and didn’t take pictures with me, only memories of the beautiful beaches and big flies at night haha! That goes to show how “virgin” that island still was! I hope to go back there soon – with AJ!

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